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Different Types of Safety Work Gloves & Their Uses

Safety gloves are a type of hand protection wear used by a professional working in an environment that poses threats to hand injury or damage by any instruments or gears that he or she is operating.

This is also used in the medical and food processing industry to keep hands safe from viral, bacterial infections and to stop contamination of foods.   

There are different types of safety gloves available online. Each of them has a different level of protection capabilities, dexterity and is made of using various materials.  These gloves are designed keeping in mind the safety hazard that exists in a particular working environment.

They are available in different colors or even glow in the dark. These gloves can be used while working on construction sites, during medical procedures, while cooking or when gardening. Also, they can be worn at home.

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Why gloves are important in your work?

Gloves are used in work to protect the hands from dirt, dust, paints, and chemicals. It is important to use gloves when you are working with these products because they can cause skin diseases. To understand the importance of gloves you just need to keep in mind that they can also protect against infection since hands get dirty all day long.

But whatever type of glove you choose, make sure that it offers the protection you need from the tasks at hand – because no matter what it takes, your hands deserve to be looked after!

Types of safety gloves

In this section, we have gathered some of the most popular types of work gloves. The types of gloves mentioned above are the most common, but many other types can be used by people who work in different industries.

Cold Weather Construction Gloves

cold weather construction gloves

A cold winter is a perfect time to buy new gloves. During the colder months, you’ll see construction workers, plumbers, and just about any other tradesman wearing heavy-duty gloves that go up to their elbows or beyond (even some with mittens).

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What’s important about these types of gloves is that they usually have extended cuffs that will cover your wrists whether you’re wearing them on your hands or over jeans/ long sleeves. With the cold weather, you can’t be too careful about frostbite.

You will find the best Cold weather Construction gloves with brands like CLC, Wells Lamont, and Carhart.

Food Handling gloves

best gloves for food preparation

These are gloves made specifically for handling food. They’re meant for people who work with food, either as cooks or chefs. At home, the main purpose of these gloves is to protect hands from getting dirty, or for hygienic purposes. They are frequently made of leather, but some are also made of rubber.

The Food Handling glove market is relatively large because the jobs where you have to handle raw foods that might cause cuts and scratches on your body requires special protection.

The few top brands that sell the Best Food Handling gloves are Conform®, Inteplast, and MCF.

Gloves for Handling cardboard boxes

best gloves for handling cardboard boxes

In many industries, packaging manifests must be handled by both employees and customers without causing injuries as a result of punctures or abrasions. These gloves also have an element of texture so you can grip your box without slipping.

There are gloves made specifically for handling cardboard boxes that can attenuate vibrations and protect your hands from cuts and scratches. You will find the best gloves for handling cardboard boxes with Carhartt Women’s, Maxiflex, and KAYGO.

Puncture resistant gloves for police

Best puncture resistant gloves for police

The police hold the responsibility of rounding up suspects and routinely interrogating them. Different branches of the police department need to go through the phases of investigating the crime. So, now the question is, what is the best way to avoid an unexpected needlestick injury?  

A 2017 report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggests that officers must have [needle- and] cut-resistant gloves when performing searches and pat-downs.

In addition to that, there is a need for possessing nitrile gloves and/or face shields to combat the dangers of accidental needlestick injuries. This article aims to suggest only the best police gloves that I have tested personally. I have been involved in testing the different kinds of gloves based on acceptable quality limits. Over the years, I have tested numerous gloves and have come up with a list of some of the best gloves to try.

Medical gloves

medical gloves

Medical gloves are used in hospitals and clinics to protect the wearer from infectious diseases. They can also be made of other materials such as leather or latex.

There are different types of medical gloves, but they all have a similar purpose: to prevent the wearer from coming into contact with body fluids and substances that could potentially cause an infection.

The latex material used prevents germs from entering the skin, while the outer material is resistant to chemicals and punctures from sharp objects such as needles or scalpels. Some types resist heat, while others protect against moisture.

Some of the best medical gloves are manufactured by Halyard, Skintx, and ProWorks.

Painting Gloves

These types of gloves are made specifically so they can protect your hands from paint. Painting is a messy job and you don’t want to get paint on your clothes and skin because it will stain and be impossible to remove.

Painting Gloves are made of heavy-duty leather or vinyl that’s usually waterproofed. They’re meant for people who work with oil-based paints such as latex paints, but they can also be used for lacquer, enamel, and even spray paints.

Some of the best gloves for painting are found with Ejendals and TraffiGlove.

Beekeeping gloves

Beekeeping is one of the ancient professions which is still being practiced around the world. For some, it is a livelihood and for others, it is just a pastime.

Beekeeping involves a lot of risky tasks such as handling beehives, extracting honey from a beehive, operating frames, feeders etc.

You know the consequences if you do these jobs with the bare hands.

It need not say beekeeping gloves are an important part of a beekeeper’s PPE kit.

Most beekeeping gloves are made of using leather, which is abundant in nature without any toxic compounds or possible allergens that can harm skin or do not biodegrade properly. Some companies also use other synthetic fabrics such as nylon, PU, nitrile rubber etc to make it more efficient and comfortable.

A few top brands that sell the best beekeeping gloves are VIVO Bee and KINGLAKE.

We have reviewed some of the best beekeeping gloves and a brief guide on quality checklists.

Cut-resistant gloves

Cut-resistant gloves protect from cuts, abrasions, and lacerations caused by sharp objects like knives or glass. They are used in the military, emergency medical situations and industries where worker handles cutting equipment.

Cut-resistant gloves can be made out of synthetic materials like Kevlar or Nomex or steel mesh.

Cut-resistant gloves should not be confused with puncture-resistant gloves, which protect against punctures caused by fingernails. 

A special layer of leather is used that prevents the knife from cutting through it. This gives protection according to how hard the item that you’re holding is compared with your skin, so you don’t get injured when using a knife.

You will get the best cut-resistant gloves from NoCry.

Tow truck drivers gloves

In order to protect your hands when driving a truck, you need to use the right gloves. The type of gloves you’ll need depends on what you’re doing. If you’re driving a truck, you’ll definitely want to buy gloves that are made for driving. The gloves will have to have the right amount of grip for the wheel and protection for the fingers to prevent you from getting cut.

If you’re driving a tow truck, you’ll want to make sure that the gloves are durable, so they can withstand being dragged behind the truck. These gloves should also come with a hook and loop closure to allow you to hook the glove on the hook of the tow truck.

Freezer work gloves

A freezer room temperature can be as low as -20°C and working in this temperature without keeping your hands warm becomes a challenge for anyone.

Freezer work gloves are designed to be used in freezer environments. The materials and design of these gloves provide insulation for the hands, reducing contact with cold products and surfaces, as well as reducing the transfer of cold air.

They are designed to allow the wearer to maintain dexterity, while also reducing skin irritation.

Freezer gloves can be used in different ways, either protecting the hands while handling products or protecting them from potential injury while working with chilled or frozen equipment.

They also work well in warehouses, construction sites, and other areas where people may come into contact with cold objects. The most common types of freezer gloves are made to protect the hands from frostbite due to cold temperatures.

A few honourable picks for the best gloves for freezer work are RefrigiWear and MCR.

Electrical work gloves

electrical gloves

Whether you are a lineman or an electrician, you know the risks involved in electrical works. You need a glove made specifically to save you from high voltage electrical shocks.   

Electrical work gloves and their importance can be found in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. One of the major benefits relating to this type of glove is that it is designed to fit snugly to help protect your hands during electrical shock.

Another benefit related to this type of glove is its ability to provide a better grip when handling objects such as wires or metal surfaces which would otherwise result in cuts or burns that could lead to infection if left untreated.

While these types of gloves vary greatly in price, they are often cost-efficient and very practical for many individuals who might be required the use them daily. Many have got the best gloves for electrical work from Maxiflex.

Hot water dishwashing gloves

hot water dishwashing gloves

Dishwashing with hot water eases the removal of dirt, orts and grimes without spending much soap. It saves time, effort and money. That being said, it involves some risk to your hands.

Hot water can sear your hands, dishwashing soaps made with chemicals can cause itchy rashes and other skin problems.

So, it’s advised to use suitable gloves for hot water dishwashing.   

These gloves are used to protect hands from the heat of water while dishwashing. The importance of these gloves is that they are used for dishwashing in hot temperatures.

Hot water Dishwashing gloves are usually made of latex or neoprene rubber.  Their fingers are made with nylon-reinforced synthetic rubber called nitrile which is non-allergenic and can be used against hot water without getting damaged or scalded.

If you are looking for the best Hot water Dishwashing gloves, you will find them with brands like Mamison, Playtex, and Spontex.


Safety gloves can provide you with protection against your environment, whether it be heat, cold, sharp objects, chemicals, or other types of harmful substances. There are many types of protective gloves available on the market today to suit different industries.

While choosing one for yourself, pay attention to the materials used and the quality of workmanship to make sure that you’re getting one that is of high quality.

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