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Best Gloves for Truck Drivers

Driving a truck is hazardous without the right precautions be it a flatbed or a tow truck. Many drivers tend to overlook buying gloves when it comes to protecting their hands. Trucker gloves prevent threats that can cause injuries to their hands and other physical injuries.

Due to several fake reviews and products available online, finding the perfect gloves has become very difficult. This blog gives a detailed review of different types of gloves and helps you select the right one for you.

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Our Top 3 Picks

#1 Heavy-Duty Durable Cowhide Leather Driver Work Gloves

Cowhide Leather Driver Work Gloves

  • The entire palm is covered with leather for the extra durability
  • High-quality grain cowhide leather is used
  • Sleek, ergonomic finish & extremely flexible

#2 VGO Heavy-Duty Synthetic Leather Gloves

VGO Heavy-Duty Synthetic Leather Gloves

  • The sleek 3D-structured PVC patch design for exceptional impact protection
  • Pre-curved fingers guarantee a perfect fit
  • Fingertips allow touchscreen control

#3 Ironclad EXO-MGG-03-M Motor Grip Gloves

Ironclad EXO-MGG-03-M Motor Grip Gloves

  • Patented silicone fused palm for extra grip
  • Terry cloth for sweat wipe
  • Allows a good range of motion with your hands and fingers

#1 Heavy-Duty Durable Cowhide Leather Driver Work Gloves

Cowhide Leather Driver Work Gloves

As a truck driver, choosing durable gloves that stand the test of time is crucial. And this product is your holy grail. The packaging offers 12 pairs of heavy-duty gloves and is available in assorted sizes such as SM – MD – LG – XLG – XXLG.

With a sleek, ergonomic finish, these top-quality gloves are extremely flexible and come with a keystone thumb finish which makes them easier to handle tools. In addition, this product has a great potential to adapt to various working environments making it the best gloves for truck drivers.

The entire palm is covered with leather for the extra durability

With 100% Grain premium cowhide leather material, these gloves also come with a full leather palm design that adds to their durability. Furthermore, this material is high-quality, has a shirred elastic back, and is breathable, making it a comfortable item to wear all day. Other than driving, this product can be used for construction, logistics, warehousing, driving, foraging, ranching, landscaping/gardening, hand tools, and DIY projects.

What we didn’t like

Although the overall performance of this product is exceptional, the threads are inferior and purchasing might not be a great idea if you work around heat.

#2 VGO Heavy-Duty Synthetic Leather Gloves

VGO Heavy-Duty Synthetic Leather Gloves

Specially designed for truck drivers, Vgo Heavy-Duty Synthetic Leather Gloves tops as one of the best gloves for truck drivers. In addition, this product is available in various sizes including XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and offers two bright colors: black and orange.

Owing to its highly protective design, this is an ideal choice for the auto industry, towing truck users, power tools, motorcycling, utility workers, regular construction, logistics, warehousing, driving, and DIY heavy-duty works.

With a sleek 3D-structured PVC patch design it provides exceptional impact protection along with EVA padding that allows absorbing stereoscopic vibrations and promotes high dexterity.

The 45° angle cut at the finger junctions and pre-curved fingers guarantee a perfect fit with flexibility, breathability & comfort. The fingertips allow touchscreen control and the palm padding is placed externally and doesn’t cover the whole palm.

Rigorous usage can make your gloves dirty, stinky & less durable. You should wash them on a regular basis. Here is our brief guide on how to wash work gloves made with different materials like leather, nitrile, suede etc.

What we didn’t like

Though the features are exceptional, this product is not water-proof and is not designed to withstand cold temperatures, and can absorb moisture. These are not heavy-duty gloves and are not cut-proof but cut resistance.

#3 Ironclad EXO-MGG-03-M Motor Grip Gloves

The Ironclad EXO-MGG-03-M Motor Grip Gloves are one of the best in this lot. Available in 5 assorted sizes, they also come in two classy colors: black and brown.

The ironclad Exo gloves are a versatile product designed with patented silicone fused palm and index finger. The grip is fused with a heat process to ensure the grip is intact.

The material consists of a delicate Terry cloth sweat wipe that offers great mechanical functions and provides comfort to your hands. In addition, it is highly durable and allows a good range of motion with your hands and fingers. Moreover, they are not ideal for touchscreen control and are not waterproof. If you like a snug fit, make sure to buy one size smaller than the normal size.

What we didn’t like

These gloves are not perfect for snowy and wet environments. It has no impact protection on the back of the hand. The square-shaped fingertips may feel clumsy while handling something.

#4 Mechanix Wear: The Original Work Gloves

 If you want flexibility and protection, this glove is your holy grail. Available in six different colors: black, blue, grey, red, yellow, brown, they also come in nine different sizes. Specially designed with durable synthetic leather and breathable TrekDry feature, it becomes the ultimate product to carry our various heavy-duty works. It also comes with a TPR closure along with a strong hook that ensures a strong fit on the wrist.

The Mechanix Wear gloves also support touchscreen controls and have a much lighter weight than other work gloves. The insides have padding that prevents your hands from burning from hot engines or hot guns. They are not cut-proof, hence handling thorny vegetation might not be a great idea.

The hook and loop closure on the inside of the wrist for dirt protection gives it a snug fit.

What we didn’t like

The overall quality is great. comfortable. But it starts wearing at the fingertips if you get involved in any serious work, roofing, masonry, heavy equipment maintenance etc. They may last about a month for heavy-duty jobs.

#5 FZ FANTASTIC ZONE Men’s Winter Touchscreen Windproof Warm Waterproof Driving Gloves

Made from optimal waterproof lycra, this product is ideal to combat cold weather. In addition, it comes with zipper closure to secure the gloves on the wrist. Also, These heavy-duty multipurpose gloves are best for cold winter casual, riding, driving, hiking, running, bicycling, snow, landscaping, DIY projects, Cross-Country skiing, snowmobile, etc.

Designed with silicon printing, it is also equipped with abrasion resistance, anti-slip features that make sure it stands the test of time. It comes with a touch conductive material, making it the perfect choice to handle touchscreens, mobile phones, etc without a hassle.

What we didn’t like

However, these gloves are not water-resistant and are not ideal for rainy weather. Besides, the material used is average and can tear apart at the seams at times.

How to find the best truck driving gloves?

Source: WikiMedia

Keeping your hands on the wheel for hours can be very exhausting and something that most truck drivers can relate to. Driving a truck for long hours can result in sweaty palms, unsecured grip, hand fatigue, etc. With trucking gloves, you can bid goodbye to such problems.

However, choosing the right one for you might be a bit perplexing. Hence, here are some of the factors to consider while picking the best truck driving gloves for you:


Comfort is one of the most important factors to consider while buying truck driving gloves. Besides, picking a soft lining like wool or cashmere can keep you warm and give you a fuzzy feel during winters. Moreover, the material should be breathable. This means that your gloves should not cause sweaty or smelly palms, instead of making your hands feel free.


Material is another factor to consider since it can be a tell-all for the product’s shelf life. However, picking a pair of leather gloves might be the right move since they are tough and prevent cuts, scrapes, etc. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to pick a tough and rugged option that can carry out heavy-duty work for multiple purposes.


Size matters! Make no mistake by overlooking this factor. Always try on the gloves before purchasing to make sure it fits your hand size. In addition, you can use a measurement chart to buy the perfect size. Hand gloves should not be too tight or too loose, and picking a model with a wrist strap is the best option for you to ensure an adjustable and secure fit.


Driving requires a lot of hand actions. In such cases, wearing gloves that are comfortable to wear and help you carry out heavy-duty work is essential. The perfect glove should not limit your hand movements or even cause abrasions or blisters.


If you are dealing with snow, you should expect some rain. Hence, picking water-resistant driving gloves is your best bet.


Durability is the most important factor when it comes to buying a pair of gloves. Make sure to understand the features and specs that the model has to offer and compare whether it suits or requirements. In addition, high-end gloves are quite expensive, hence buying gloves regularly might not be an option. So, choosing a durable glove that stands the test of time seems much more plausible.


The grip is a very significant factor when you purchase a pair of gloves. Without the perfect grip, it can leave you unsecured. It may result in slipping, blisters, and even hand fatigue which can lead to various injuries. So, having a strong grip feature is a safety precaution that is a significant option for everyone.


Before you purchase any gloves, make sure you set a budget. There are a lot of budget-friendly options to pick from. Hence, there is no need to go for expensive models while some cheap options are similarly durable and come with a lot of similar features.

What kind of gloves do truckers use?

Gloves can come in various designs that suit various needs. Be it for delivery drivers or truckers, using a glove can offer comfort and security. Some common types of gloves used by truckers are:

Lined Gloves

Lined gloves are ideal for drivers in colder regions. If you are looking to trap in the insulation and keep warm, lined gloves are the perfect choice for you.

Unlined Gloves

Made with leather, unlined gloves have perforations for breathability. These are mainly used for strong grip and to prevent smelly and sweaty hands during the summers.

Fingerless Gloves

Famous for their dexterity, fingerless gloves are quite stylish as well. Besides, they only cover the palms and keep your finger free and sweat-free. This type of gloves allows you to use touchscreens, improve sensitivity to car functions, etc.

Fingered Gloves

Especially to withstand the cold weather, fingered gloves are a traditional choice for most truck drivers.

Knuckle-Cut Out Gloves

Knuckle-cut-out gloves usually have better durability. Moreover, they provide better grip and ventilation to prevent your palm from getting sweaty or stuffy.

Do truck drivers wear driving gloves?

Yes. Truck drivers do wear driving gloves. Truck driving gloves provide grip and comfort. In addition, they come in various designs that are targeted to serve various purposes. For cold weather, lined gloves are a better option to keep your hands warm. On the contrary, drivers can choose between the cut-out glove ranges that prevent their hands from getting sweaty while offering grip and security.

Why do truckers wear fingerless gloves?

Apart from being a style statement, fingerless gloves are designed to only cover the palm of your hands, unlike other models. Besides, it offers breathability along with dexterity, making it a popular choice among truck drivers. Since these designs leave the finger bare, it can allow better sensitivity to operate touchscreens, other car functions, etc.

What are driver work gloves?

Driver work gloves are heavy-duty gloves usually designed for grasping the steering wheel for long hours. Mainly made of leather, these are very durable and have a longer shelf-life. Owing to your requirements, driver work gloves come in various designs and materials.

For example, to battle the cold and rainy weather, waterproof trucker gloves are the perfect choice for you. Similarly, for driving, truckers usually require gloves that specially offer exceptional grip to ensure secure driving and comfort.

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