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6 Best Gloves For Working in a Freezer & How to Choose Them

Working in cold storage environments for a long duration can lead to health risks. We handpicked & reviewed the top 6 gloves for working in a freezer.

Cold storage facility workers undergo a lot of difficulties. Starting from pharmaceutical storage, meat processing, or fresh produce warehousing, workers are subject to sub-zero temperatures continually. Working in these cold environments for a long duration can lead to health risks like hypothermia, numbness, or frostbite especially in the hands, thereby escalating the need to seek precaution of the best gloves for working in a freezer. ( Learn more Cold Environments – Health Effects and First Aid )

Using gloves would help in withstanding these cold environments while working. A pair of insulated work gloves are also useful in increasing the workers’ performance as they do not have to concentrate on the health hazards related to working in cold conditions. To ensure one’s safety, it is imperative to determine that the insulated gloves for freezers stand true to parameters of thermal insulation, hand dexterity, and waterproofing.

While there are multiple gloves available online, fake reviews mislead customers while choosing the correct product, thereby making this hunt for the perfect hand gloves difficult. That being said, we take you through the relevant information regarding the best freezer gloves available online, coupled with reviews from experts.

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Our Top 3 Picks

#1 Cestus DEEP Winter Insulated Impact Glove

cestus deep gloves

  • TPR on the back for impact absorption
  • TefSecure Silicone-Grip Grid
  • Insulated Interior lining and Waterproof Membrane
  • The liner is made of breathable, waterproof Hipora fibre

#2 RefrigiWear Fiberfill Insulated Tricot Lined High Dexterity Work Gloves


  • Fiberfill PLUS foam insulation
  • Neoprene cuff with Velcro closure and PVC abrasion pads
  • Can combat the cold with a Comfort Rating of -15°F

#3 KINGSBOM -40F° Waterproof & Windproof Thermal Gloves


  • 3M Thinsulate layers for efficient thermal insulation
  • The elastic knit cuff that traps the body temperature
  • Silicone gel pad on palm and fingers for better grip
  • Suitable for smart touchscreen devices

#1. Cestus DEEP W O-5025 L Temp Series HM Deep Winter Insulated Impact Glove

cestus deep gloves

TPR on the back for impact absorption  

The cold storage gloves are patterned with PVC dotted grids, guarding the back of the hand and fingers, the fingertips, thumbs, knuckles, and metacarpals. It also provides users with more control over the grips. These gloves are available in four different sizes – M, L, XL, and XXL.

TPR or Thermoplastic Rubber adds flexibility to the gloves for better impact protection, allowing your fingers to bend easily. From fingertips to the wrist, they offer the ultimate protection to your hands.

Its long cuffs are adjustable, assuring a perfect fit for your hands. Such a feature protects your hands from the cold weather and debris.

TefSecure Silicone-Grip Grid

There is a dual-layered, synthetic leather material used on the palm area of the gloves. Its TefSecure Silicone-Grip Grid provides protection from oil, water, and petro-chemical resistance along with better grip control.

The Kevlar thread palm of these gloves is dual-stitched, offering longevity and stitching for durability.

Additionally, its bright orange fabric makes the gloves easily visible.

Insulated Interior lining and Waterproof Membrane

The waterproof membrane keeps the hand dry and warm in cold impact protection. Can be hung in the open for drying, is hand washable and water-resistant. If you submerge your hand in water for long time, these gloves do get wet and soggy, but the good thing is they dry out fast.

Hipora liner

The liner isn’t acrylic. This glove has an Hipora liner. Hipora is a breathable, waterproof liner. The hipora liner on the freezer gloves with grip provides so much warmth to the hands that they sweat even when exposed to temperatures under -8 degrees.

What we didn’t like:

It is devoid of touch screen capability which makes it inoperable for screen action though the side buttons can be used when the gloves are on.

If you want to keep your fingertips soft, you will be disappointed. Though the gloves are good for the cold, they don’t have that much flexibility and create difficulties while constantly picking up boxes or using a scanning gun.

It is a decent glove for the money but sized a bit small. So I recommend buying a size larger than usual. These gloves work great until the temperature drops to a single digit.

#2. RefrigiWear Fiberfill Insulated Tricot Lined High Dexterity Work Gloves


The Fiberfill PLUS foam insulation and multiple layers of protection make it one of the best gloves for working in a freezer as it will keep your hands warm. To add to it, the glove comes in four size options along with a comfortable full brushed tricot lining which helps in keeping the fingers warm.

Hook and Loop closure

A Neoprene cuff with Velcro closure and PVC abrasion pads on your fingertips and palm helps in securing a better fit and protection that can be used as snug around your wrists. The Neoprene and spandex back with pigskin leather gives a top-notch experience to the users in terms of hand flexibility and is also durable.

Durable in cold conditions

These thermal gloves for freezer work are sustainable in combating the cold with a Comfort Rating of -15°F. With the fans blowing constantly, they can be snug even if workers use it at -10 degrees, keeping their hands warm.

What we didn’t like:

On washing these gloves, the insulation gets broken, thereby making them less warm. Therefore, a warm hand wash with some light detergent or dishwashing liquid is recommended. Then hang them to dry. Do not place them in a dryer.

Another major drawback is that these gloves are not waterproof.

Though the grip on the hands is good, but its fitting does not coincide with the size. It got an XL and they fit like a large.

The glove fingers are too short and stiff and the wrist is too big. If you are in search for the best gloves for stocking frozen food, For rigorous jobs, they wore out the tips and the palms of the gloves. These are fine for use in the short term.

#3 KINGSBOM -40F° Waterproof & Windproof Thermal Gloves

3M Thinsulate layers for efficient thermal insulation

These sub-zero work gloves are super breathable and this feature comes from multiple layers of 3M’s 200g super-efficient Thinsulate insulation. Moreover, the air-circulating interior that retains maximum heat makes it a perfect pick for getting rid of cold weather conditions. ( Learn more about Thinsulate fabric )

No compromise with quality has been made as imported warm fabric and Polar Fleece liner are used, thereby ensuring its water-resistance capacity and making it one of the warmest riding gloves available.

Suggested Read: How To Wash Thinsulate Gloves? Step By Step Process

Elastic knit cuff that traps the body temperature

The gloves feature an elastic knit cuff and the fabric of its shell is waterproof and is capable of trapping the body temperature. However, it is not suitable for long hours because the tips of the thumb and index finger are not waterproof.

Silicone gel pad on palm and fingers for better grip

Areas of the hand which receive most of the pressure during work require padding. Silica gel printing technology ensures more security and comfortability through skip-proof and hard-wearing leather materials.

Suitable for smart touchscreen devices

The conductive fabric coating on the thumb and index fingers allows you to tap and swipe easily. You will be able to use your smartphone or any other electronic device without having to take your gloves off.

What we didn’t like:

The thick and bulky nature of a few gloves created hindrances in the functioning of the fingers. You have to find the correct spot on your index finger for touch phone compatibility.

Despite the thermal gloves for freezer work being windproof to some extent, if the hands are exposed to wind chill temperatures for a longer time, they won’t remain warm.

#4. Vgo 1Pair 0℃/32°F Winter Leather Cold Storage Work Gloves


The gloves are available in four different sizes – M, L, XL. These grey-coloured gloves are best for use in cold condition in the freezer or handling snow shovelling machine etc, and is ideal for light or medium-duty works.  

Fabrics are arranged in 6 layers for waterproof/coldproof/breathable

The waterproof but breathable TPU lining along with the 3M Thinsulate 40G insulation is placed in six layers strategically to provide all-day dry comfort and warmth.

  • First layer – Soft and stretchable fabric
  • Second layer – 2.5 mm soft black foam layer
  • Third layer – Soft bottom laminated fabric
  • Fourth layer – Breathable and waterproof membrane
  • Fifth layer – 3M Thinsulate 40G insulation
  • Sixth layer – 130G black foam fabric.

Premium Goat leather on the palm makes it anti-slip and resists abrasions

Comfort, dexterity, firm fittings, anti-slipping nature, and resisting abrasions are a few qualities that make these gloves perfect for all-day wear. The premium goatskin leather on the palm, neoprene cuff, and hook and loop closure help the gloves in preventing abrasions and slipping while dismissing cold air from sneaking in.

Precurved fingers for better movement with touchscreen capability

The thumb, index and middle fingertips are provided with touchscreen capability for smartphone control. Additionally, since the gloves feature pre-curved fingers with a 45° angle cut at the finger junctions, it assures a personalized fit for better movement.

What we didn’t like:

The cooler gloves get too stiff for use when the temperature is too low. There is a lot more scope to further improve the build quality.

Requires strict maintenance to last longer.

Should be kept away from direct sunlight, stored in a ventilated and dry place, and with no contact with alkaline substances. To avoid the deformation issue, it should be kept away from fire and heat sources.

#5. Ergodyne ProFlex Thermal Insulated Waterproof Touchscreen Work Gloves


Thinsulate Insulation keeps your hands warm up to -22F (-30C)

Dual-zone insulated with 40 grams (palm) and 70 grams (back of the hand) of 3M™ Thinsulate™, it traps the body heat while working in cold conditions, thereby keeping your hands warm. The gloves have been tested to endure temperatures below 25 degrees F (-3C) in medium activity, and -22F (-30C) in high activity.

It is layered with a breathable membrane with insulation that provides protection against moisture and wind. This keeps your hands dry and warm, instead of giving a sweaty feel to them.

The waterproof liner inside keeps your hands dry

The waterproof liner is sewn into the gloves. It is made with polyurethane in the middle of the outer layer of fabric and the inner layer of fabric. This applies when the hands will be submerged in water, though the outer layer of the fabric will be wet, the inside of the gloves will remain dry.

The waterproof freezer gloves are tightened with hook and loop closure to keep the extended neoprene cuff secure around your wrist for increased warmth.

Allows enough finger movements

While handling work in cold storage under chilly temperatures, rugged palm, and fingertip reinforcements are designed for superior grip, abrasion resistance and flexibility. The insulation keeps the gloves agile, lightweight and free of bulk, thereby enabling flexible movement of fingers.

Touchscreen adaptability

The thumb and index finger area of the gloves have been made up of touchscreen-friendly materials. Therefore, there is no need to take your gloves off while using your smartphones and tablets.

What we didn’t like:

A major drawback is that the water gets soaked on the outer shell, thereby making the hands feel heavy. Moreover, even small objects cannot be easily picked up without tightening the fingertips and your hands also sweat a lot.

The gloves come with a loose elastic strap on the cuff which needs to be re-sewn to make it tighter and functional.

The outer shell of the gloves soaks up a lot of water and is potentially capable of sapping heat from the hands.

#6. SIMARI Touchscreen Friendly Unisex Winter Gloves – Best Thin Freezer Work Gloves

Keeps your hand and comfortable in between 35-45F (1C to 7C) temperature range

These ambidextrous thin freezer gloves are made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, The warm Flannel lining and elastic cuff enhance the warmth and elasticity. It can keep your hands warm and comfortable in cold environments.

Silicone Printed Palm for efficient grip

Coming with enough silicone particles on the palm and fingers, the grip strength of the thermal gloves increases effectively and allows you to grip any tool firmly.

Unmatched Touchscreen Sensitivity

With the Unique and Sensitive touchscreen Fingers Capability, the SIMARI touch screen gloves are compatible with iPhone, iPad, computers and other intelligent equipment. Only the thumbs and forefinger tips have conductive pads which makes it touchscreen friendly.

Best for 35-45 F temperature range

The perfect mix of warmth protection and flexibility, these pair of gloves do not provide protection below 0 degrees, best for 35-45 F temperature range. If you are looking for a thin pair of freezer gloves for women and men, that keeps you warm and is not too bulky or binding, this is the pair for you.

What we didn’t like:

These are designed for people who require help in gripping something like handling trays/stacks in the freezer or cold storage. They are not suitable for working in sub-zero temperatures for a long duration. My hands smelled of raw fish after taking the gloves off. On sniffing the insides of the gloves, I found it came from them.

Buying Guides for freezer gloves

freezer work gloves

What are freezer gloves?

Freezer gloves are a kind of protective glove with an insulated lining designed to handle cold items. These gloves are engineered to protect the user from the dangerous effects of being exposed to cold temperatures, such as damage to the skin and, in severe cases, frostbite.

When you are buying a pair of freezer gloves, you should ensure that it offers better protection to the hands. Investing in the correct gloves would help in the long run, Therefore, one must check the following parameters before buying one.

#1 Fittings

Make sure that your gloves fit appropriately as these determine how comfortable and warm they would be. The gloves should neither be too small nor too large as they might trigger certain issues like the inability to trap air and body heat or slipping off from your hands.

#2 Durability

You would not want to buy warehouse freezer gloves on a daily basis. Therefore, it is essential to ensure its durability. The durability of gloves can be assessed by their exterior shell based on the quality of stitching. Make sure that the gloves are made of leather, polyester, or nylon so that they can resist tearing and abrasions when accidents happen.

#3 Warmth

Choose thicker pair of gloves as they provide more warmth than the thinner ones. At the same time, it should not be too bulky so that it acts as a hindrance to your work.

#4 Insulation

To buy insulated gloves for freezers, check the second layer following the base layer as it traps the warmth taken from the first or base layer. Even if your job exposes you to cold temperatures, insulated gloves will prevent the trapped warmth from escaping.

#5 Water resistance

While working in freezing temperatures, it is important to wear waterproof gloves. The waterproof shell comes in various forms like the fully coated one, the breathable back, and the palm coating. Determine your specific needs and preferences to choose the right water-resistant gloves as they also affect the breathability of the product.

#6 Materials used

Checking the material of the gloves is of utmost importance as the better the material, the more comfort. Leather,    Synthetic, and Polar Fleece are some of the best materials that can be used in gloves.

#7 Dexterity and grip

The dexterity of gloves is recognized by their thickness. If a glove is thin, its gripping capability is better and it causes a decrease in dexterity. A glove with better dexterity also impacts the time required to perform manual tasks as the gripping power is smoother.

Where Do I Buy Freezer Gloves?

Freezer gloves can be found online in a wide variety of options. There are a multitude of sizes and a few colour options for you to choose from according to your budget.

Care and maintenance

Follow the below steps to take proper care of your gloves.

  • Clean, check, and test to figure out whether there are signs of damage in the gloves, and replace them immediately if any
  • Avoid the use of oils, chemicals, and other products based on petroleum for cleaning
  • To get rid of contaminants and debris, use a bleach-free and mild detergent along with tap water while cleaning the freezer glove
  • Dry them in a gentle manner with a clean cloth
  • Store them in a dark and cool place and prevent them from getting exposed to UV rays, heat, and pressure. Ensure that they are completely dry and clean before storing.
  • Avoid piling anything above the freezer gloves if it is stored with other items

When are Freezer Work Gloves Required?

Freezer gloves are required while working under cold temperatures to avoid the health hazards that come along with staying exposed to these cold environments.

What kind of gloves is good for working in a freezer?

A good glove for working in a freezer is one that is comfortable, insulated, well-fitted, and provides warmth. Good grip and dexterity, being made up of materials like leather, synthetic or Polar Fleece are a few more factors that make good gloves for working in a freezer.

How to keep your hands warm while working in a freezer?

To keep your hands warm while working in a freezer, follow the below tips:

  • Choose the right freezer gloves
  • Keep your body core warm
  • Maintain a proper diet
  • Keep moving
  • Wear glove liners
  • Use hand warmers if necessary

Why Do You Need to Wear Freezer Gloves?

Freezer gloves protect your hands from cuts and scrapes and it is of utmost importance for cold storage facility workers as the inner insulation keeps them warm. Moreover, it also keeps your hands away from some nasty smells from any product you handle.

What are the best gloves for working in a freezer?

Some of the best gloves for working in a freezer are Cestus Deep W O-5025 L Temp Series HM Deep Winter Insulated Impact Glove, Vgo 1Pair 0℃/32°F Winter Leather Cold Storage Work Gloves, RefrigiWear Fiberfill Insulated Tricot Lined High Dexterity Work Gloves, KINGSBOM -40F° Waterproof & Windproof Thermal Gloves, and many more. All of these are insulated, comfortable, and provide protection in working under cold temperatures.

What to Look for When Buying Freezer Work Gloves?

Look for Quality, comfort, dexterity, grip, insulation, fittings, the material of the gloves, water resistance, and durability before you buy a freezer work gloves.

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