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7 Best Gloves for Handling Cardboard Boxes, Packages, Furniture

best gloves for handling cardboard boxes

Moving furniture or handling boxes can be a tedious job. The hands become the most important necessity for packing, moving, and even handling things around. From rough edges to splinters and slippery surfaces, these seemingly innocent boxes and furniture can cause more damage than one can imagine.

Commonly occurring Paper Cuts especially are more painful than one can imagine. Additionally, small splinters and fragments are also very dangerous despite their harmless look. Many warehouses ensure that the workers use material handling gloves while working.

Though there are no set rules for specific glove types, the majority of the factory and warehouse workers prefer using specially designed gloves for moving furniture and handling cardboard boxes. They not only protect the hand from unnecessary grievances but also provide additional grip while transporting various packages.

Packaging and handling Cardboard boxes are the most troublesome of all as it involves a lot of cutting and tying during assembling and dismembering them. In this article, we have reviewed and listed some of the best gloves for handling cardboard boxes available online.

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Our Top 3 Picks

#1 Ironclad Box Handler Work Gloves BHG, Extreme Grip – Best Box Handler Gloves

  • Package Handling Grip
  • Hand Safety
  • Secure Fit
  • Sweat Management Feature
  • Machine Washable
  • Silicon Fused Palm for Ultimate Grip

#2 212 Performance Gloves MGGC-BL04-011 – FedEx Package Handler Gloves

  • Breathable Fabric with the cozy fit
  • Synthetic grip pad on the palmside Gives extra Strong Grip
  • Usable on touch screen gadgets  
  • Adjustable cuff straps for a flexible fit

#3 Ironclad Command Impact Work Gloves – Best Warehouse Gloves

  • Synthetic leather working gloves, Great durability and lightweight
  • Neoprene padded knuckle for impact protection
  • TPR closure system for snugged fit & better dexterity
  • Wider usability range
  • Superior quality built

1. Ironclad Box Handler Work Gloves BHG, Extreme Grip – Best Box Handler Gloves

Product Details

Size: Large
Material: Spandex, Silicone
Color: Black

Ironclad is one of the best safety gloves & mittens brands renowned for their advanced technology in designing safety wears. This Ironclad glove is a perfect choice for cardboard handling, package delivery, warehouse, automobile repairing, glass, metal and ceramic handling, hand and power tool tasks. 

If you are searching for rugged wear box handling gloves, it can be the best alternative for that.

This is in our list because of its few unique features.

Diamond Clad Fused Silicone on the palm side for better grip

The palm side of the gloves is covered with patented diamond clad fused silicones for better grip and control. This gives gloves a tacky, rubbery surface that prevents the holding objects from slipping off the hands.

Aireprene Fabric layer in knuckle improves breathability

The knuckle part of the glove is made with airprene fabric, this is a modified version of neoprene fabric which makes the glove breathable, retains and circulates the internal heat as well as protects the hand from abrasions. 

Flawless engineered fit with hook and loop closure

It has hook and loop closure for a secure fit with quick-release safety features. Gloves don’t fall off the hand while working. Ironclad gloves are best known for their flawless engineered fit.

The side of the index finger and thumb is reinforced by a layer of leather for durability.

Terry cloth fabric on thumb for wiping sweat easily

Another great feature is sweat wiping. The gloves have terry cloth with protruding loops of fabric on the thumb that can absorb sweat very easily, great for wiping sweat off your forehead.

Although the airprene fabric improves breathability to a certain extent, it becomes a little sweaty after long hours of continuous work. Sweat gets soaked from inside and keep hands comfortable for working all day long.

One flaw of this glove is it doesn’t protect hands from cold weather, and not waterproof. 

The glove is durable, drastically improves your performance at the package handling job. Durability depends on the types of works you perform on a regular basis and its duration. For regular heavy-duty tasks, it can last a maximum of 2-3 months.

How to clean?

Can be washed with the machine in cool water, hang to dry in air and to keep the size consistent.

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  • Diamond clad silicon fused provides a tight grip with ease
  • Airprene protects the hand from abrasion and medium impacts
  • Good mobility and dexterity
  • Fits very well in hands.


  • Not waterproof
  • Grip wears down quickly
  • No protection from impacts

2. 212 Performance Gloves MGGC-BL04-011 – FedEx Package Handler Gloves

You might be wondering what kind of gloves those package handlers use at fedex, UPS or any other logistic company that can enhance their performance in package loading or unloading faster.  After carefully reviewing the gloves, we have selected 212 Performance Gloves MGGC-BL04-011 as the best gloves for moving boxes or other heavy items. 

Some of its important and unique features we liked are, 

Product Details

Materials: Silicone, Terrycloth, Synthetic leather
Size: Large (L)  Extra Large (XL) Double Extra Large (XXL) Triple Extra large (XXXL)
Color: Navy Blue

Breathable Fabric with the cozy fit 

Built with high strength fabric that is breathable and allows maximized stretchability. The gloves have an inner terry cotton lining to help in absorbing sweat which increases its comfort quotient. Available in multiple sizes, the gloves are great for providing a cozy and tight fit while working 

Synthetic grip pad on the palm side Gives extra Strong Grip  

Rightly known as the best gripping gloves, the palm side of the gloves are lined with abrasion-resistant synthetic grip pads. These gloves are hence,  resistant to wear in addition to providing an excellent grip to the hands.

Usable on touch screen gadgets  

The silicon fingertips enable easy usability on any touchscreen gadget making them perfect for all time usability especially while handling cardboard packaging and transferring in addition to logging in the records into the system.

Adjustable cuff straps for a flexible fit

They have adjustable strap bands to loosen or tighten the fit. The cuffs are designed to be easy to put and remove, so the straps provide the much needed additional tight and comfortable fit without the need to worry about the gloves coming off accidentally.

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  • They are available in multiple sizes
  • The silicone grip on the palm does not wear out easily
  • Touchscreen friendly


  • These heavy duty gloves are slightly more expensive than most.

3. Ironclad Command Impact Work Gloves – Best Warehouse Gloves

Product Details

Materials: Silicone, Terrycloth, Synthetic leather
Size: Large (L)  Extra Large (XL) Double Extra Large (XXL) Triple Extra large (XXXL)
Color: Navy Blue, Yellow

Goatskin working gloves, Great durability and lightweight 

Ironclad box handler gloves are made of Goatskin, which is known for being very durable. The gloves not only withstand long and strenuous workability tenure but are also lightweight. The natural goatskin prevents shrinkage or drying out over time or when wet.

Neoprene padded knuckle for impact protection

The neoprene padded knuckle along with a complete TPR protection on the upper side makes these gloves well resistant to impact. This makes the gloves ideal for handling heavy cable and wires or power tools.

TPR closure system for snugged fit & better dexterity 

The gloves have a loosely fitted cuff with a TPR closure system. This gives the gloves a much more snugged fit and far better dexterity for the finger movements while working.

Wider usability range 

The palm side of the gloves is sweat wipe reinforced due to the terry cloth lining. Additionally pinched and touchscreen conductive fingertips make them usable in Heavy Industry operations, HVAC system monitoring, and much more.

Superior quality built 

The gloves were designed with 360-degree level 5 cut-resistant material. Even the seam strength is very good due to the kevlar threading. This makes the gloves perfect for ranching, search and rescue mission, and areas of such rough terrain usability.

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  • Provides great dexterity & comfortable to use
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • 100% leather prevents shrinkage of the gloves over time
  • Extremely durable


  • It is not 100% waterproof.

4. Gorilla Grip Slip Resistant All Purpose 25 Pack Work Gloves

Product Details

Materials: Latex free material with polymer coating
Size: Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL)
Color: Black

Designed for wider usability

These are the best gloves for warehouse work as can be easily used for plumbing, oil change, and other wet surface work due to the ergonomic design. These gorilla grip non-slip technology gloves are highly recommended for use in oil rigs and other such places.

Oil resistant surface

The palm surface is polymer lined which prevents oil and other fluids from remaining at the center. This helps in providing the central grip while holding anything regardless of the oil or slippery fluid on the other surfaces of the gloves.

Latex free nylon gloves with good dexterity and breathability

The latex-free nylon gloves have a nitrile coating for improved dexterity. Additionally, the material is breathable making them comfortable and easy to use in humid or hot conditions.

Your hand never gets sweaty even after long hours of work.

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  • Available in a larger pack that is perfect for a bigger industrial crew.
  • Anti slippage grip increases the variation of usability. 


  • Not washable. The gloves have to be dry cleaned.

5. Safety Work Gloves PU Coated – Men & Women’s box handler gloves

Product Details

Size: large
Material: polyester
Color: red

This KAYGO gloves is in the 4th position of our listing. The seamless knit gloves have an outer PU or polyurethane coating to make it waterproof yet breathable gloves. The 13 gauge seamless knit shell provides great comfort, finger dexterity as well.

Great dexterity, breathable, gives bare hand sensitivity

These gloves are sturdier than regular cotton gloves. The palm and finger side of the gloves is coated with PU which gives better grip in dry, slightly wet or oily condition. It gives you a great sense of touch as if you are working with your bare hands. This barehand sensibility is important in some tasks. You can use a touchscreen wearing these gloves. You can even use your fingernail for work without blowing out the fingertip. 

Flexible knit wrist,  non latex medium duty working gloves

The flexible knit wrist prevents entering dirt and debris into the gloves. These gloves don’t feel bulky, heavy or not too thin. So, it can be a great alternative to latex gloves for work. If you have a latex allergy, you can use them. 

These gloves are best suited for moving cardboard boxes, furniture, plumbing, assembly, auto repairs DIY and other light to medium duty jobs. 

Don’t use this for heavy duty or rigorous tasks. Thus, it can be the perfect women’s box handler gloves

How to clean? 

These gloves are washable in slightly warm water not exceeding 40 C with mild ionic detergent powder, 5-10 min cycle time, hang to dry.

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  • This is a multi purpose medium duty tasks
  • Seamless knit with PU coated for great grip and comfort, breathable.
  • Great dexterity
  • Can use a touchscreen wearing these gloves.


  • Not for heavy duty
  • Not for heavily wet or oily condition

6. CLC Custom Leathercraft 124L Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves – Best Gloves for Package Handling

Product details:

Materials: synthetic leather
Color: Black, grey
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL 

This is a multipurpose glove, for assembling, handyman,  carpentry, cardboard package handling in the warehouse, framing etc.

Stylish Design with Great Toughness

This glove has an unmatched blend of style, function and quality. The synthetic leather product is tough and resists shrinking or hardening and thus suits best for outdoor laborious tasks which may involve working in wet conditions such as plumbing etc. 

The velcro wing closing strap on the wrist firmly holds the gloves and prevents it from slipping off when it becomes wet or sweaty.

Gives good dexterity, flexibility, durable and cold weather protection

It provides great cold weather protection, keeps the hands warm while working. The side panels have stretchable spandex or lycra fibre cloth which improves the dexterity and flexibility. Doesn’t feel like hands are being restricted compared to other work gloves. They aren’t as durable as leather, but they preserve dexterity without compromising on protection.

Extra padded for impact protection & Touch screen friendly

Fingertips, knuckles, thumbs are reinforced with extra pad for impact protection with three fingertips being touch screen friendly. Padded syntrex microfibre palm has extra padding and provides great grip.

The synthetic leather palm doesn’t melt, but the polyester and foam padding on top will. So, these gloves are not for tasks involving high temperature.

All the stitching are concealed inside the gloves layer which makes it snagging free while working on woods or metals. You can work smoothly without any hindrance.

How to clean?

Machine washable, after the wash dry in air. They fit skin tight then loosen up after a wash.

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  • Wicks moisture and vents through the mesh for a cool feel.
  • Grips tools and equipment well.
  • Quality of the material used is flexible and durable.
  • Feels comfortable and able to work with ease.
  • You can use your touch screen device with these on.
  • Good in different weather conditions.


  • No water resistance. Not heat resistant. 
  • Less resistant to abrasive wear or snags then non-synthetic leather. 
  • Under the harsh working condition, they may wear off

7. Nitrile Package Handling Gloves

Product Detail :

Material: Nitrile

Size : Small (S) Medium (M) Large (L)

Color : Pink

Perfect for working with fluids

Suitable for working or on an oily surface, these Nitrile gloves have nitrile palm coating along with a comfort grip surface.

Stylish and Ergonomic Design

The Nitrile gloves have a snug fit to prevent them from falling out along with a tight and stretchable cuff band that prevents fluid seepage inside the gloves.

Comfortable and quality built

The gloves are designed with a stretchable fabric mix that provides a very snug and dextrous fit. The breathable fabric is comfortable on the skin of the hands and prevents sweating of the palms. 

Economical and Long lasting

As the gloves are washable, they are reusable for a long time without needing replacement. Made of spandex and nylon, they are much more weather resistant than cotton. These US imported gloves do not damage easily unlike the cheaper and fake alternatives available.

Multi Usable gloves

The gloves are designed to perfectly suit work like carpentry, roofing, plumbing, oil change in vehicles, warehouse work, electrical component assembling etc.

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  • Very good palm grip due to the nitrile foam coating
  • Economical and long lasting


  • Early cracking of the palm grip lining in some cases.

Buying Guide for purchasing the best suited pair of gloves

One may wonder as to why it is so important to wear gloves while handling cardboard boxes or any other warehouse goods.  

On the outside these boxes may look simple and harmless but lack of proper handling can cause more damage than good.

From papercuts to wood splinters or slipping of the box, there are a ton of disasters that can be avoided if one wears a pair of decent gloves.

Choosing the best gloves for handling cardboard boxes is very important. Not all gloves are suitable for the purpose. Similarly all cardboard box handling gloves are not suitable for every worker.

The perfect pair of gloves to suit one’s need should be decided based on a few key features. These includes, 

The usability

The gloves should be assessed for the type of work it is to be used for. There is no use to opt for a pair of gloves that are not thermally protected and your work involves handling high temperature goods.

It is best to choose a pair of gloves of good quality that has multipurpose usability. It is a better choice than opting for a pair of gloves specific to a single functionality.

The grip on the glove 

One of the main accidents in any factory or warehouse involves slipping of boxes and products due to lack of grip. Handling wet or oily surfaces without the right pair of gloves also becomes a major problem in many situations.

It is best to choose gloves that are designed with special attention to the grip capacity. Nitrile foam coating, abrasion resistant synthetic coating, gorilla grip non slip technology etc are some of the newer additions on gloves of good quality that makes the grip and frictions on these gloves very strong.

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Level of comfort 

An ideal pair of well fitted gloves should never be too tight or too loose. The finger area should be dexterous and comfortable to allow easy movements.

In addition to comfortable and snug fit, the gloves should be well fitted around the wrist to prevent it from accidentally coming off. A good wrist band support in the form of adjustable straps or elastic band around the wrist is an important specification one must look for while purchasing gloves.

Since gloves are meant to be worn for a prolonged period of time, it is not worth compromising on the comfort level. 

Fabric quality

Gloves are made of a wide range of fabrics. From goat skin to synthetic blend to nitrile polymer, there are many variations available.

A pair of gloves to be used in handling in high temperature surroundings will definitely be different than the one to be used while working with sharp blades and processing.  Cut resistant fabric will always be different than thermal protectants.

However it is important to choose a pair of gloves that are breathable and comfortable in addition to serving the purpose. Palms and fingers tend to sweat a lot. If the fabric of the gloves is not breathable it can cause skin irritation and excessive sweating and discomfort.

The environmental and economic factor

Reusable gloves are always a better option for the environment instead of one time use gloves. These gloves are generally washable and can be used for a very long time.

Cost also matters a lot. When a product has to be used for a long period of time, it is best to ensure that the product is of good quality and cost-effective. However, over the long run, it should also be an economical choice.

These two criterias are very important to look for while choosing the best suited gloves that many tend to forget to consider.

Purchasing a pair of working gloves should never be a quick decision. One must ensure to do thorough research and check for the perfect fit and comfort before opting for the right pair of gloves.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Does cardboard cause dry out your hands?

Corrugated fibreboard or cardboard boxes are widely used for packaging and are made of recycled pulp which consists of cellulose. Yes, rigorous use of it can cause dryness of skin.

What are the best work gloves?

To find the best working gloves, you need to assess a few factors, they are usability, dexterity it provides, gripping capability, fabric quality etc. 

From our point of view, the top 3 best working gloves are Ironclad Box Handler Work Gloves,  212 Performance Gloves MGGC-BL04-011 & Ironclad Command Impact Goatskin.

Can cardboard boxes make you sick?

Yes, cardboard boxes can make you sick if they contain contaminants or allergen particles on the surface.

Should gloves be tight or loose?

Gloves need to have a snug fit to prevent it from slipping or coming off suddenly while working and to prevent dirts from entering the gloves.

Do you need to wash your hands after wearing gloves?

Most working gloves are powder free, and waterproof. Unless fluids and dirts seep in through the gloves or there is too much sweating, it is not needed to wash hands after wearing gloves.


Choosing the right pair of gloves is very important. Gloves should essentially be chosen based on the type of work one has to do. Gloves for handling cardboard boxes are different in texture and built than a pair of gloves used in the meatpacking industry or while handling hot and cold goods.

The right pair of gloves will always have a very snug fit and serve its purpose of usability to the full extent while protecting the hand from any kind of damage.

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