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7 Best Gloves For Food Preparation, Food Handling, Cooking, BBQ, That Are Food Safe, FDA Approved

best gloves for food preparation

Imagine being served a beautiful platter of sushi. But the moment you look at the hands of the server/chef, you are disgusted. Even a single morsel of food does not reach your mouth because it is at that moment you realize the lack of hygiene in the kitchen.

Cooking food is not just about feeding your hunger. There are a lot of psychological aspects involved in food preparation. In addition to taste and visual impact, what matters most is hygiene.

Clean short nails and neatly tied hair, spotless kitchen aprons, shiny floors and sitting arrangements, sparkling vessels, and cutleries are not everything.

Gloves are the essential requirements in the kitchen. However, not all gloves available online are suitable for use in the kitchen. Some crucial facts contribute to choosing the right gloves. Some of the best gloves for food preparation have a multi-faceted role to play in the kitchen in addition to being FDA approved.

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Our Top 3 Picks

#1 The Essential Goods Disposable Vinyl Gloves – Non Latex Food Gloves

  • Premium Quality Gloves
  • Clear Latex Free & Powder Free
  • Extra Strong for Ultimate Protection
  • Ambidextrous & Super Comfortable
  • The Best Value for You

#2 Latex Free Transparent High-Density Food Safe Plastic Gloves

plastic food gloves

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • EXCELLENT EVERY DAY USE! 500 disposable powder-free
  • BPA free food gloves.
  • Great for food handling. And any other home chore.
  • Ambidextrous design allows each glove to be used for either hand.

#3 Muellery Nitrile Disposable Gloves Powder Free Exam Gardening Cooking Cleaning

Food safe nitrile rubber gloves

  • High quality nitrile material, not to tear easily, comfortable and smooth touch in hand, easy to wear, no holes and leakage.
  • Comfortable fit with textured fingertips for excellent tactile sensitivity.
  • Please check the size chart in the pictures.
  • Health, beauty salons and food processing, factory workshops, vehicle maintenance, tattoo hairdressing and so on.
  • 100 Blue small gloves per box

#1 The Essential Goods Disposable Vinyl Gloves – Non Latex Food Gloves

Key Specifications

Latex and Powder-free – Gloves Powder and Latex have been known to cause skin irritation and various dermal ailments. Essential Goods gloves are latex and powder-free, thus making them more compatible with the dermal tissue.

Better tear strength – As the gloves are made of thicker quality vinyl, they are stronger than average gloves. The higher stretchability index is the primary reason, and these gloves are resistant to tearing.

Versatile Usability – As the gloves are thicker than average, they can be easily used for other purposes besides food preparations. They can be used for gardening, cleaning machinery, and cutting meats, veggies, and fish.

Multiple Usable Size – The essential Goods Gloves comes in 3 size variants to easily accommodate a broader range of hand sizes.

Ambidextrous – Vinyl food gloves are not designed using specific directions. Being ambidextrous, the same gloves can be worn on both the right and left hand quickly. This saves a lot of confusion and time while working.

Better thermal endurance –  As the Essential goods gloves are made of thicker quality vinyl, they can be easily used while washing vessels in hot water.

You may also like to know more about the difference between Nitrile, Vinyl & Latex gloves compositions, their properties and when to use them.

Size Available 

Small (S). Medium (M), Large (L)

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  • Multi-purpose usability
  • Resistant to tearing
  • Completely latex-free


  • The gloves are tightly packed in the box, making it difficult to remove one glove at a time.

#2 Latex Free Transparent High-Density Food Safe Plastic Gloves, Food Preparation – Plastic Gloves for Food Handling

plastic food gloves

Key Specification

BPA free – These gloves are made of BPA ( BisPhenol A ) free high-density plastic, so they are leak-proof and resistant to tearing. 

Well-suited for food prep – the fingers’ ease of movement makes them comfortable long wear gloves, especially during prolonged food prep time.

Stain and chemical resistant – As the plastic is non-reactant with most chemicals, bleach, and oil can be easily handled wearing these gloves. Additionally, they are perfect for use while using artificial colors and dyes as they do not stain easily.

Transparent and universally sized – The gloves are transparent and have a uniform larger than average size. This allows people of any hand size to use gloves from the same box without much trouble.

Affordable – Unlike the traditional 100 pc glove box, this one comes with 500 pc of gloves at half the price of vinyl or latex gloves, making it more affordable and long-lasting.

Size Available


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  • One universal size makes it wider usability
  • Ideal for prepping food and handling small tasks like painting and dyeing
  • Comes in 500 pc box, thus lasting longer than standard gloves


  • It is not suitable for handling hot water as it does not have thermal protection.
  • It is made of plastic, which is not cut resistant.

#3 Muellery Disposable Nitrile Gloves Powder Free Gloves for Cooking and Food Handling, Food Safe Rubber Gloves

Food safe nitrile rubber gloves

Key Specification

High quality built – Made of high-quality nitrile material that can withstand tearing and stretching for a longer tenure than ordinary gloves. No powders or other allergens are added. Thus the gloves are skin-friendly

Textured fingertip – The fingertips of the gloves have a textured surface. This improves the tactile sensation of fingers and reduces the chances of accidents and mishaps.

Smoother all-round finish – the gloves have a smooth satin finish all over due to the excellent quality Nitrile material used.

Leakage proof – Muellery Nitrile gloves are Completely water-resistant and leakage proof. This prevents oil and other ingredients from seeping in and causing irritation or staining of the skin.

Versatile usability – The gloves are durable and tear-resistant, making them the conventional choice for gardening and food prep alike. Additionally, the improved tactile sensation works well while tattooing or deboning fish.

Size Available

Medium (M) Large (L) Extra Large (XL)

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  • An improved tactile sensation on fingertips
  • XL size gloves for people with larger than standard hands


  • The Muellery Nitrile gloves are more expensive than average gloves of similar quality.

#4 Green Direct Powder Free Latex Gloves for Food Handling, Food Grade Disposable Gloves

Key Specification

Super strength environment-friendly essential Latex – The Direct green gloves are made of natural rubber latex. Natural rubber is environment friendly and has an outstanding core strength, making the gloves super strong and decomposable.

Allergen-free – The gloves do not have any powder, thus making them allergen and irritant-free. Additionally, Green Direct gloves are Sulphur free. This makes them usable for people with hypersensitive skin.

Ambidextrous – The gloves can be worn on both the hands as it is not created with a direction-specific design. This saves a lot of time and effort needed to identify the right glove from the left glove.

Multi usability – The gloves are made of chemical-resistant material to be used in various other aspects, like in laboratories and gardens. As natural rubber is non-reactant, it is safe to use while handling acids, alkalies, and ketones.

Tear-resistant with beaded cuff – High tensile strength makes the Green Direct gloves resistant to tearing out easily. The coiffed ends around the wrist, make it more robust, and provide additional resilience against tearing out.

Size Available

Medium (M) Large (L)

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  • Comes in a wide range of size for a better fit
  • Cuffed ends to prevent tearing
  • Durable material for multi-use.


  • Has a robust and lasting stench of Rubber

#5 ForPro Indigo Nitrile Gloves, Powder Free, Latex Free, Food Safe, Non Sterile Gloves for Food

Key Specification

Fully textured body – The gloves are entirely textured for improved grip. ForPro Indigo Nitrile gloves are usable in wet and dry conditions with equal ease as it prevents slippage by providing an additional sturdy grip.

Latex and Powder Free – Latex and chemical powders are known to cause allergic reactions and dermal problems. ForPro gloves are made of a latex-free compound and are powder-free, which makes it skin-friendly.chemical-free

Environment friendly – As it is made of chemical free, biodegradable material, the gloves can be easily disposed of after a single use without contaminating the environmental ecology.

 As the gloves are BPA free and are made of Nitrile compound, it is FDA approved. The disposable gloves are considered safe for use for food prep and cooking.

Puncture resistant –  Made of 5mm thick Nitrile sheet, which makes it difficult to tear or puncture. This makes the gloves suitable for heavy-duty washing and cleaning in the kitchen.

Ambidextrous usability – The gloves are designed to be worn on both hands as they are not direction specific. 

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Size Available

Small (S) Large (L) Medium (M) Extra large (XL)

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  • Food graded gloves thus usable for all kinds of food preps
  • Functional in both dry and wet condition
  • Resistant to stretching and pricking 


  • Non-sterile gloves, so usability is restricted to specific areas only.

#6 Barbecue/Frying/Grilling – Waterproof, Fire & Oil Resistant Neoprene –  Heat Resistant Food Preparation Gloves

Heat Resistant Food Preparation Gloves

Key Specification

Heat resistant cotton Insulation – The inner padding of the Artisan Griller BBQ gloves has double layer Jersey cotton padding, which provides additional heat insulation and keeps the hands wholly protected and makes it comfortable.

High-temperature tolerance & Resistant to Oil, Water, Chemical – Neoprene is heat resistant to a great extent. Also resistant to oil, water, and chemical spillage, making it a very comfortable accessory during barbeque and grill sessions. Heat resistant makes it easier to use the gloves to hold iron skillets, meats on barbeque grills, boiling vegetables, etc. without fear of scalding.

Fully tire tread patterned to provide additional grip – Tire tread pattern on the palm region of the gloves provides an extra-strong grip, thus preventing slippage. Additionally, chopping and shredding grilled meat, fish, and veggies are more comfortable despite the oily surfaces.

Long-sleeved to protect against spillage – The gauntlet or sleeves extend up to the mid-forearm to elbows. This provides the extra layer of protection against spilled hot oil or curries.

Provided with a resealable pouch – Once cleaned and air dried, the gloves can be stored in a resealable bag, thus improving its shelf life.

Size Available

Size 9 /L /14 inch, Size 10/ XL /13 inch, Size 10/ XL/ 17 inch

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  • Perfect for barbecuing and grilling
  • Sleeve length variations available


  • Bleeds color after a few use and begins to turn greyish

#7 Heat Resistant Oven Gloves for BBQ, Baking, Grilling, and Oven Uses – Upto 1472°F

Key Specifications

SIlicone made – Rather than rubber or latex, the gloves are made of food-grade silicone, making it perfect for people who are allergic or sensitive to other materials. Additionally silicone has a natural texture for anti-slip protection.

Triple-layered Insulation – The gloves have triple-layer cotton insulation to prevent seepage or accidental injuries. The gloves can withstand temperature changes upto 800 degree F

Wrist Guard with Flexi fit – The gloves have 6-inch long wrist guards that extend up to the forearms and elbow. And provides a comfortable and flexible fit.

Diverse usability with lifetime warranty – the extreme temperature resistance makes it usable for other purposes besides oven and grill. Suitable for usage in the welding industry and meat cutting units the GBBO BBQ gloves comes with a lifetime servicing warranty.

Size Available

One Size fit all

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  • Resistance to high temperature makes it perfect for BBQ and Oven use
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Can be worn on both right and left hand


  • NONE

How to choose the right food preparation gloves, Food handling gloves?

What should be the main criteria while choosing Food preparation gloves?

Buying gloves for handling food should be based on the kind of work one is doing in the kitchen. 

If you are responsible for handling and cutting meat, fish, and vegetables, it is best to go for gloves that are cut resistant. This will save your finger from the sharp knife blades. In case you handle a lot of heated utensils and operate under too high temperature, heat resistant gloves will protect your hands from burns and scalding wounds. If your job includes handling food regularly, it is best to opt for disposable gloves. Ensure that the disposable gloves for food handling are FDA approved.

The choice between disposable and reusable gloves

This is a topic of a dilemma for most kitchen employees. To make the decision easy, one simply needs to differentiate the task allotment. 

  1. It is best to use cut-resistant waterproof gloves that are mostly available in the non-disposable form to cut and clean natural products. Keeping them completely separate from the food prep space is as important as regularly cleaning and disinfecting them.
  2. Disposable gloves are more suited for handling food directly like mixing, decorating, etc. As they are always meant to be used only once, disposable gloves prevent contamination of food.

What are the approved materials of choice for food preparation gloves?

Though many opt Latex gloves for food handling, its usability has been a controversial topic. Latex allergy and latex poisoning have been a major concern for many as a health hazard product. FDA has provided a list of target material that is safe to use as food prep glove material. 

Vinyl, Neoprene, Poly gloves, Nitrile, and Rubber gloves are the most popular food preparation choices. However, improved powder-free latex gloves are also being used as they are cheaper comparatively. 

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Know different properties of PU, Nitrile and Latex gloves. Learn when to use these gloves, their pros and cons.

Is buying gloves in bulk the right business decision?

On average, a person needs to handle at least 10 to 15 different tasks every hour while working on food preparations. Reusing the same food processing gloves for everything is an absolute no. Similarly, not having sufficient gloves to use while working is also no.

Buying in bulk saves you from the hassle of never going out of stock. Also, it is much more economical when they are purchased in bulk. It reduces the average expenses on gloves drastically.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Non-Powdered Latex, Neoprene, Vinyl, Rubber, and Nitrile are best for food preparations. For cutting and washing meat and vegetables, slip and cut-resistant gloves are best. 

FDA approved food prep gloves are safe for use during food prep.

Yes, Nitrile gloves are safe and FDA approved for food preparation.

Though it can be used, it is best preferred not to do so.

Most chefs use cut-resistant FDA-approved disposable gloves most of the time.

Based on the Food Food Safety Modernisation Act of 2011, surgical gloves need to be FDA approved for food prep. Food grade gloves have an FDA title 21 CFR Part 177 accreditation to be usable.

The black gloves are special Nitrile rubber gloves with higher stretchability and are resistant to tear and slippage, making them a more preferred chef.

The majority of the medical-grade gloves maker is trying to create FDA approved gloves to make them usable in more expansive areas. While not all examination gloves are suitable for food prep, many have received FDA approval for multipurpose usability.

Latex is ok for washing and cleaning purposes during food prep; however, during chopping and cutting various eatables or mixing food, powder-free FDA-approved latex gloves should only be used.

Yes, Vinyl Rubber is considered food safe.

Conclusion -Gloves are an important necessity that most health-conscious people look for at first glance. Given the current worldwide scenario, the importance of gloves while handling food has become a mandatory obligation. What is essential to remember is that the best gloves for food preparation are the one that fulfills the necessity to protect one’s hand from heat and cut in addition to preventing contaminations.

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