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Best Gloves & Mittens Companies & Their Brands

Finding the best gloves brands is a challenge. We have reviewed some of the best gloves & mittens manufacturing companies and their brands in this post.

top gloves & mittens brands companies

Gloves and Mittens are an essential accessory for protecting the hands while working in hazardous Industries, harsh weather conditions, any outdoor activities or for common household chores. 

From ancient times people have been using gloves, and we can see the traces on cave paintings. Like other things, this product also has its evolutionary journey.

Today there are so many companies producing premium quality gloves out there all around the globe. 
Among them, you might get confused, so we have compiled the list of Best glove companies that you can trust and buy products from.

#1. PIP – Protective Industrial Products  

PIP gloves

It is a safety product company that started with an investment of just $2000 back in 1984. It has spread its roots in many countries, like from the USA to France. The company has more than 10 own protective wear/ gear brands. They not only manufacture gloves, but other personal protective and safety equipment.

The company name does justice with their hand gloves, as they protect against hazard situations.

A few of their glove brands includes, G-Tek – general cut protection working gloves, ATG gloves, Kut Gard – ultimate cut protection gloves used in various industries, uses technologies such as Kevlar, Dyneema, Pritex, ACP/Aramid, Assurance – provides protection from chemicals. 

See their gloves: https://us.pipglobal.com/en/products/?scID=2560


gore tex gloves

We folks are adventurous and want to explore the world even in harsh conditions. GORE-TEX desires to serve to make the dream true. They are known for their sustainable performance for 40 years.   

For this brand, you will get a huge variation of products, from the warmest glove to outer wear. 

They are using sophisticated technology in producing waterproof, breathable & ultimate comfortable gloves in two different brands, Infinium and Original Gore-Tex gloves. 

These gloves, mittens are specially made for skiing, snowboarding or other activities involving water.

You can find gore tex gloves here:  https://www.gore-tex.com/gloves-and-accessories


KAYGO is a safety brand that produces its products in 5 categories like cut resistance gloves, general gloves, and safety glasses, etc.

The gloves of this brand are mostly seamless knitted. The materials which have been used are light-weighted with high breathability. They provide high grip and are comfortable to wear.

See their product here: https://www.amazon.com/Work-Gloves-PU-Coated-Polyurethane/dp/B07FNTWYM2?ref_=ast_sto_dp

#4. Galeton

galeton gloves

Galeton is an American and one of the Best Glove Companies, known for its wide range of personal protection gears, and product guarantee. They provide unconditional services even after the purchase.

Their innovative technology in gloves production has established them as a prominent brand in the PPE industry.

Some of their popular gloves include Driver gloves, mechanic gloves, leather palm gloves, disposable & cotton gloves.

Find more about their mechanic gloves on their website:


#5. Mechanix wear

mechanix gloves

The journey started in 1991 and, gradually Mechanix has gained the deserving trust of folks. The hands that are making your everyday protect them with Mechanix wear Gloves.

They are one of the leading gloves brands renowned for producing protective gloves suitable for heavy duty, hazardous working environments. 

Whether you work with a welding machine, a high speed cutting machine or with toxic, dangerous chemicals, they have ranges of products best suitable for you. 

Some of their popular gloves series are, The original, Fast-fit, Durahide, M-Pact, Ethel gardening etc.

Find ranges of their products here: https://www.mechanix.com/us-en/shop/

#6. Stark Safe

stark safe gloves

Are you a kitchen Hustler? Usually, in the kitchen, we do hurry in   chopping, cutting, slicing, and peeling, etc to save the maximum time while cooking. Stark Safe always takes care that you don’t face any fatal accident in the kitchen.

Stark Safe Gloves are cut resistant, thick, and 4 times stronger than leather gloves. It makes all these works like wood cutting, Mandolin slicing, and Fish Fileting very easy. The customer services are extraordinary of this company along with the products.   

See their products: https://www.starksafe.com/products/cut-resistant-gloves

#7. Magid Glove 

magid gloves

The journey of Magid started with a novel purpose of Sam Magid of giving a shade of safety to the workers. In industrial manufacturing, process workers are the pillars. This company believes that workers have the right to get superior safety. 

Now they are a leading PPE manufacturer in USA having presence in 40 states, producing 84,000,000 products annually.

It has designed/ developed various types of gloves for different purposes with different and suitable materials. Some of them are cleanroom gloves, coated gloves, cut resistant gloves, leather, chemical and water resistant work gloves & others.

They emphasize precise fit, resistance against abrasions, and unique coating at the palm for dexterity. 

Find their innovative gloves here: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=magid+gloves&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

#8. Ironclad

ironclad gloves

One of the popular heavy duty work gloves brands sold on Amazon. It is an International trust-worthy company. In search of Best Glove companies, one can’t ignore this one. 

It manufactures gloves for different specific tasks, like cut resistance, for cold conditions, working and also outdoor & sport gloves.

Their series of glove brands are, Ironclad work gloves, Ironclad tactical gloves, Ironclad Impact gloves, Ironclad esports gloves etc.

The gloves are premium in quality, made with patented advanced technologies,  long-lasting, comfortable to wear and most importantly serves the purpose of the gloves.

They won the 2020 DUpont Kevlar innovation award for designing the world first NFPA 2112 ( National fire protection association ) rated lethal flash fire protection gloves “HeatWorx”.  

Find more ironclad gloves here: https://www.ironclad.com

#9. Superior Glove

superior gloves

Today’s leading work glove company Superior Glove was Acton Glove company back in 1910. It’s a very old company that has brought major changes in the manufacturing techniques and materials of the glove. It has been playing a problem-solving role in the Glove industry. 

The brand tries to reach all people’s safety that’s why they serve low-priced Gloves without compromising the safety. These Gloves resist cuts, extreme cold, puncture, and harmful chemicals. 

Some of their flagship products are, TenActiv cut resistant gloves, Endura impact resistant gloves with Oilbloc technology.

Find more gloves here:  https://www.amazon.com/s?k=superior+gloves&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

#10. Glacier Glove

glacier gloves

It is the best Glove company for adventurous people and for those who work outdoors. They first started to manufacture fishing gloves, but later on, they spread their hands on all types of outdoor gloves.

They have sensed the market demands for sun protection gloves and waterproof gloves. If you need to buy a glove for your upcoming trip whether it is in hills or in the desert, go for Glacier Glove. Because they give the features, exactly what people want. Like, utility in storms, grips on slippery ice while hiking. 

See their products here: https://glacierglove.com/ice-bay/

#11. Kinco

kinco gloves

Kinco is a family owned glove brand based in Portland, Oregon. The brand is passionate about bringing innovation to every aspect so that people get benefitted more. Most of the time, they use materials like leather and kevlar.

The main headache of glove buyers is the perfect size with a precise proportion of fabric. In kinco gloves, whether it is of leather or knitted, you will find the perfect match for yourself with comfy. 

Kinco GLoves Here: 


#12. MCR Safety

MCR safety gloves

MCR is a brand of personal protective equipment over 45 years. They have reached success in glove production also.  The company claims that their products utilize the capacity of any worker at a high level.

They engage their users by the services that once you use MCR safety gloves you don’t want to move in another one. The right safety gear is important for workers and MCR gives all the information about using their work gloves.  

Find their gloves here: https://www.mcrsafety.com/safety-equipment/gloves


After all, Safety and comfort are needed most. So, among the best glove companies choose the glove which satisfies your needs. Different companies specialize in manufacturing different types of gloves to meet people’s needs. We hope you have found what is going to be your choice.

Don’t forget to comment, which company is best for gloves according to you.

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