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5 Best Rave Gloves For More Exciting Performance | Top LED Light Gloves

best rave gloves for party & edm

Turn your boring parties into exciting ones by adding the best rave gloves into your costumes. Now, dance parties and stage shows would stand out with the help of led rave glove. 

There is no doubt that after a certain point of time, we just get bored with the ordinary, so why not try something extraordinary? Get a pair of led rave gloves and make your outfit shine out in the crowd. 

Whether you need it for a school function or you are planning for a Halloween party, a pair of gloves with led lights on them would enhance your overall performance. 

There are numerous stores that sell rave gloves such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot ertc. Usually, customers get confused while choosing the right pair of led rave gloves. 

Well, now kick out this confusion because here we are up with a list of the best rave gloves that could be the best addition to your wardrobe. Following are the best led gloves that every party person should consider:

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Our Top 3 Picks

GloFX Gel Glove Set – Light Up Rave EDM 9 Mode LED Gloves

glofx gel glove

  • Comfortable and durable gloves materials made of blended acrylic and spandex fabric
  • Led lights are inside the non-slip, soft & clear gel casing for Better performance.
  • Bright and advanced Lux 2.0 Microlights with the huge colour combination
  • Long battery life and easily replaceable

ETCBUYS Light Gloves

ETCBUYS light gloves

  • Highly stretchable and breathable fabric makes it extremely comfortable.
  • Great battery life with easy chargeable and replaceable lithium batteries.
  • Available in three different color options

Luwint LED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves

luwint led gloves

  • Comfortable elastic cotton gloves, No sweat, Good Dexterity
  • 3 colours with 6 strobe/ flashing patterns
  • Easy to replace lithium ce2016 batteries, durable enough for long hours of performance.

1. GloFX Gel Glove Set – Light Up Rave EDM 9 Mode LED Gloves

The classic and glowy amazing lights of these led rave gloves put on an epic light show. Now your parties would become more adventurous and exciting when these led rave gloves would be added to it. 

Here are some of its best features that make it to our 2nd best rave gloves list.

Comfortable and durable gloves materials

These attractive rave gloves are made up of a blend of acrylic and spandex fabric. This supports the maximum stretch of the gloves and makes them durable. 

Non-slip, Soft & Clear gel casing for Better performance

The led lights which are inbuilt with the Lux microchip and attached batteries in each unit are placed inside a nice, soft, clear gel casing. It holds everything inside it. Then put these units inside each finger of the glove.

You can place the gel casing above or below your finger inside the glove while performing. It will allow you to show the super bright lights from either the palm or back of the hand.

This makes sense, right? 

It is very comfortable to wear. It can be worn by the kids as well as by the adults without any problem and rashes. 

These gel casings are easy to open while changing batteries or Lux microchips. You need to pinch the side of the gel case.

glofx lux microchip

Bright and advanced Lux 2.0 Microlights with the huge colour combination

Whether you wish to get the lights changed frequently, or you need to keep a consistent light mode, you can easily do it with just one click. GloFX gel gloves set comes with 34 custom colors & 9 display modes. 

That being said, you can virtually create infinite colour combinations with it. 

Long battery life and easily replaceable

These e light gloves include 20 CR1616 lithium batteries which can last up to 10 hours in any mode. These are easily replaceable from the gel casing and microchip units. 

What we didn’t like:

One thing we didn’t like about this glove is that you need to set the light modes in each of the units. I mean there is no one switch for all light units that would save time and make life easier.

See what others are talking about these gloves.


  • Perfect for Long hours of use. 
  • Gloves are Easy to use. 
  • Pro-Click Buttons are available for changing modes. 
  • Gel casing promotes comfortable to use.


  • Expensive replacements are there if they get damaged.
  • No one switch to change modes of all the light units. 

2. ETCBUYS Light Gloves

If you are looking for perfectly designed rave gloves that not only look amazing but are equally comfortable too, the ETCBUYS Light Gloves can be a great option to go with. The gloves are great for parties and are a fun thing to have for kids. 

The LED strobe fingertips are great to look at and the overall quality of the gloves is just flawless. The gloves are a perfect choice for buyers who are looking for ideal gloves with led lights on their fingers. Bright LED lights have three different colors and six modes that make them a great option for longer parties and shows. 

Extremely comfortable

Apart from being fairly efficient, the ETCBUYS Light gloves are extremely comfortable too. Made up of highly stretchable and breathable fabric, the ETCBUYS Light gloves offer the buyers the best value for money and a perfect choice for different weather conditions.  As the lights are on your fingertips, you won’t have to worry about the movement of your hands and you won’t find any major issue while handling them. 

Great battery life

Battery life is an important thing to consider while purchasing a new pair of rave gloves, and if you are after gloves that can help you enjoy the parties for at least 4-5 hours, the ETCBUYS Light gloves set can be a worthy buy. 

The gloves are easy to charge and once you have fully charged them, they can easily last for five hours. Though it takes a few hours to charge, but believe us guys, the wait is completely worth it and you aren’t going to be disappointed with the battery life of these rave gloves. 

Complete value for money

With better build, comfortable fabric quality and a perfect price point, the ETCBUYS light gloves provide a great value for money to the buyers. At this price point, gloves with similar build quality are hard to find. So, if you are after better value and performance, ETCBUYS Light gloves set is going to be a worthy item to consider. 

What I didn’t like: 

These gloves come with only one size. The size is suitable if you have a small or medium size hand. Else it could be hard to put on and perform.

See what other people are talking about these gloves.


  • Great build quality
  • Available in three different color options
  • Batteries last for long


  • Charging the batteries can be a pain
  • Only one size available for all

3. Luwint LED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves

luwint led gloves

Another amazing led light flashing rave gloves within budget to make your dance party, Halloween, EDM, Bar more entertaining. 

Manufactured by the Luwint, these rave gloves are designed with unique features and characteristics that make them stand out from others. 

Good elasticity, breathable, don’t sweat in summer, keeps warm in mild cold weather.

The finger portions are a loose-knit that will add a bit of warmth in still weather, but any wind will cut right through them. The darker portion that covers the palm and wrist area is solid and a bit thicker, and will help keep the rest of your hand warm. If you tend to get cold fingers I wouldn’t depend on these for warmth. They will help on cooler autumn days but I wouldn’t rely on them for deep winter weather.

Palm width 3.1 to 3.4 inches, middle finger length 3.1 inches.

Suitable for kids above 10 and adults.

Comfortable elastic cotton gloves, No sweat, Good Dexterity

Made up of the best fabric,  good elasticity improves dexterity. doesn’t cause sweaty hands while wearing. This pair of led gloves are very comfortable while wearing. 

While being breathable it resists sweating in hand during summers and moreover, it would not make you feel uneasy. The electric wires and chips being used while designing these led gloves are very much safe.

3 colours with 6 strobe patterns

This pair of rave gloves comes with 6 stone patterns and 3 different colours. These colours are red, blue and green. There are buttons present near the wrist side of the gloves which allows the user to change the modes of lights and variant colours as well. 

Easy to replace lithium ce2016 batteries

There is a set of 4 lithium ce2016 batteries that are used to make these best led gloves work efficiently. These batteries make the gloves amazing lights work longer. Moreover, it can be replaced easily.  You just need to open the velcro on the inside of the hand.

See what other people are talking about these gloves.


  • They are Durable. 
  • You can find them Comfortable to wear. 
  • Gloves are equipped with 7 Colour LED. 
  • A pair of led light gloves are Ideal to gift. 


  • Proper service not guaranteed with rave gloves.

4. EmazingLights LED Gloves ezLite 2.0 Light up Glove Set Finger Glow Gloves Review

You might be a gloving enthusiast and wondering what rave party glove set can help you stage a memorable performance for your audience. While there are several options, you don’t have to look farther than the EmazingLights LED Gloves ezLite 2.0 Light up Glove Set Finger Glow Gloves.

This product is easy to use and can be customized with minimal effort. The gloves stretch, so they are a choice fit for all ages.

This Emazing product is indeed a good choice for performances in clubs, parties, family gatherings and music festivals among others.

Suitable for all ages & Occasions

These white gloves have an amazing stretching ability, therefore making it suitable for all ages. Whether you are young or old or want to stage a memorable performance for your peers, club, school or a party, the LED lights are a fantastic choice. These LED gloves have the ability to leave people in complete awe.

Offers many lighting modes and colors

This Emazing lights combine three pre-programmed lighting modes with a total of 20 stunning colors for amazingly beautiful lighting trails. The modes can be customized with a single click of a button.

What we didn’t like:

These led light gloves are amazing, but for a newbie, you may have a hard time to programme the different light modes. Here is EmazingLights LED Gloves ezLite 2.0 user manual you can download below. Another flaw we found is the end cap that covers the light is not that durable.

See what other people are talking about these gloves.


  • Amazingly high quality and easy to use lights for anyone who love gloving
  • The Emazing Lights gloves are easy to customize and makes it easy to put on a great show
  • The gloves is worth the money
  • The lights are not only comfortable but also easy to use


  • It’s hard to program to switch to different colors, unless you do a hard reset that helps switch between different colors.

5. HITOP Led Gloves

hitop skeleton led gloves

HITOP gloves company comes with a cheap, unique pair of flash led light gloves that look like a human hand skeleton when glows in dark. Add these pairs to your wardrobe and make your Halloween, EDM or dance party more exciting. 

Easy control design

The button available on the wrist side of the gloves helps the users to change the mode of amazing lights in every aisle. It only requires one press of the button to change the mode. 

Flexible & comfortable gloves

This pair of led light gloves are specially designed with a mixture of acrylic and spandex. It is very comfortable and relaxed while wearing. Moreover, each size is suitable for every age group.  An adult or a small kid can wear it without any difficulty. 

Great color combination and color modes

These led light gloves consist of 12 colours of light with 13 different colour combinations. These colors are Red, Blue, White, Orange, Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Light Green, Light Blue, Light Pink, Lavender. This pair of gloves from HITOP promote 3 modes of changing and are Steady On, Blink and Blind.

What we didn’t like: 

Only one size is available for all. It may not fit your hands while wearing, and it may affect your performance.

This is a dirt-cheap rave glove available on the internet. It may not last long enough compared to the other gloves above. This is perfect if you want to use for a few times.

See what other people are talking about these gloves.


  • These gloves are good for dancing parties 
  • Easily gets fit in any hand. 
  • These gloves consist of Colourful LED flashing. 
  • 12 flashing lights are available in the gloves. 
  • Easy battery change is there. 


  • These gloves are not much Durable

How to find the best rave gloves?

With the increasing demand for exciting rave gloves, its manufacturing is also increasing. There is no doubt that there are numerous kinds of led light gloves available in the market. 

Each one of them has its own features and characteristics. But, buyers often get confused and unable to differentiate between the various features of rave gloves. 

Therefore, here we are up with some of the most important features of rave gloves that are must be considered while buying them. Following are the features that every buyer must look for while buying a pair of rave gloves:


It is very important to check the durability of the gloves that you are buying. Rave gloves consist of led lights inbuilt with microchips either attached with gloves or separately. It can easily get damaged and stop working.  

Therefore, a buyer should not compromise with the quality of the rave gloves and should buy a highly durable pair of rave gloves. 

 Battery life

Another important feature that is must be considered is the battery life of the light gloves. In most cases, lithium batteries are used as they are very small in size. 

The battery life would define the hours you can use these rave gloves. The battery life should be longer so that the users can use the led lights gloves for longer hours and can enjoy its radiance and effectiveness. 

Electric material

The next feature of rave gloves that is important is the electric material. These led light gloves are directly exposed to the body of the users. Sometimes, it is being used by small kids as well. Therefore, it is very essential to keep a check on the electric material of gloves. It should be such that it does not harm anyone while wearing and using. 

Fabric of gloves

The fabric of gloves is also very important to be considered. This is because it is the fabric only which would define the comfort level of the rave gloves you are buying. Make sure that the gloves you have bought are made up of good and comfy fabric and do not bring sweat to your hands. You will feel extremely relaxed if the fabric of gloves is comfortable and good. 

Number of lights

This is basically the most important feature of any rave gloves. Yes, the number of lights that are present in your rave gloves define the level of joy and fun you are going to have with the gloves. The more light it will have, the more attractive and presentable your glove should look. Make sure you buy a pair of best rave gloves with the maximum number of lights. 

So, above are some of the important features that are to be considered while buying a pair of best rave gloves. 

If you will consider the above mentioned features, you would definitely get the right pair of rave gloves for yourselves and for your loved ones as well. Make sure you do not compromise with any of the above mentioned features of rave gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

What is a rave or led gloves?

LED gloves, often called rave gloves, are the gloves which consist of led lights on their surface. These lights glow in the dark and are best suitable for dance parties and various stage shows.

Where is it used?

Rave gloves or light gloves are being used in multiple EDM shows and other parties. The amazing led lights that are present on the gloves glow in the dark and make the party a memorable one.

Are these gloves durable?

The durability of rave gloves depends on the quality of gloves you are buying. Usually, an average pair of rave gloves are highly durable and come up with premium quality fabric and amazing lights.

Can we wash rave / led gloves?

Whenever you need to wash our led light gloves, you just need to remove the light bulbs from the gloves and wash them like any other normal gloves. 

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