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5 Best Sap Gloves to Choose For Self Defence – Both Full finger & Fingerless

There are numerous fingerless sap glove sales available in the market but here we are up with a list of both full finger & fingerless best sap gloves reviews.

best sap gloves

Turn your knuckle experiences into a more exciting and memorable one by adding the weighted combat gloves to your equipment bag. 

During any knockout challenge, when you punch your opponent, it often ends up injuring your hand. This leads to further complications and even results in various infections and fractures. 

Hence, it is very essential that you protect your hands using these self defence weighted gloves which are embedded with steel shots. 

Yes, steel shots would enhance the strength of gloves and help you to win over your opponent in a combat match very easily. 

There is no doubt that there are numerous fingerless sap glove sales available in the market but here we are up with a list of best sap gloves reviews that are must to read and understand. Following are some of them:

These are possible defence item for those of you who live in areas who are unable to carry firearms, knives or any type of defence measure like pepper spray or a taser or stun gun or something like that these if they are not already on that illegal list because some areas have them on there, would be a great alternative.

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Our Top 3 Choices

1. FREETOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves for Men

freetoo sap gloves

  • More Durable & Better Grip
  • Full Protection to Your Hands
  • Keep Your Hands Dry and Clean
  • Good Fit as a Gloves
  • Hook and Loop closure

2. Hatch SP100 Defender II Riot Control Glove w/Steel Shot

  • Double-layered goatskin palm
  • Steel shot is sewn into each knuckle
  • Finger and Knuckle foam padding
  • Hatch Ergo-Cut thumb for greater dexterity

3. Glove Station Rubber Knuckle Gloves

  • Reinforced Knuckle Molding to Maximize Protection
  • Built With Double-Stitch Seams For Durability
  • Padded Mesh And Rubber Aero Vents
  • PU Leather Palm & Fingertips to Enhance Grip

#1 FREETOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves for Men – Leather sap gloves

freetoo sap gloves

Presenting you one of the best sap gloves which would bring ease to your hands while boxing and Knuckle. These Tactical gloves from FREETOO feature composite PVC padded knuckle and thermal plastic rubber finger panels which are highly protective and professional. 

Durable and Comfortable 

These amazing self-defence weighted gloves are very unique and have been designed by the professionals of the FREETOO brand. They have been sewn with a Double-layer sewing process and imported leather. This is the reason why these gloves are highly durable and comfortable. 

Provides maximum protection 

Unlike other poor quality sap gloves, these leather sap gloves are very protective. They come up with extra protection of high elastic mesh fabric on the finger part to make sure the fingertips are perfectly fit in the hands of users. It protects the hands of users from getting injured. 

Water and sweat Resistant 

Once you will get these gloves, your sweat related problem will be solved. The microfiber Leather fabric used in the palm side of these gloves increases more friction for better grip. This fabric makes the gloves very cool and calm. Hence, these gloves are sweat proof as well as waterproof.

What we didn’t like:

The velcro strap on the wrist is often undone while doing rigorous tasks and needs to restrap. The side of the glove is made with thin fabric materials that are sensitive to velcro straps. Every time we tried to put off the glove, it pulled out some fibre.

A gloves longevity depends on how well you maintain them. In this article, we have shared tips and tricks on how to wash work gloves made with leather, suede & other materials.

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  • They are very comfortable. 
  • You can find them long-lasting and durable. 
  • It provides protection against cuts, injuries etc. 
  • It keeps the hands of users dry and clean. 
  • They are very affordable. 


  • Knuckle protectors are not hard shells. They’re stiffer and not touch screen friendly. 

#2 Hatch SP100 Defender II Riot Control Glove w/Steel Shot – Hatch sap gloves

Being manufactured by the most popular and reliable brand these Hatch SP100 Defender II Riot Control Glove w/Steel Shot – hatch sap gloves have numerous exciting features and attributes and are in our list of best weighted knuckle gloves.

Comfortable, Breathable and stylish design 

Double layered pure goatskin leather on the palm side, knuckle & finger joint covering makes these gloves more durable and abrasion-resistant than others in this category. It does not harm the hands of users in any way even after wearing it for longer hours. 

The remaining parts of the glove are made of some kind of breathable materials, you can wear it in mild and warm weather without feeling sweaty.

Maximum protection assured

The cushion pads used in gloves keep the hand safe from any kind of impact and injuries. It is also equipped with steel shot and is stuffed into each knuckle area for added protection from impacts. All these features provide extra protection to the users. 

Another great feature is the ergo-cut thumb which provides greater dexterity and freedom of movement

Supports freedom of movement 

The durability of these gloves is very high as it supports freedom of movement. The back of the gloves is made of a breathable material which makes them very comfortable for mild to warm weather. One can be very relaxed while playing with these gloves.

What we didn’t like:

The material between the velcro strap and knuckle guard with steel shot a bit stretchy for smaller sizes. Every time we made a fist the knuckle pouch would be raised. The velcro strap is very small and the end tip hangs off the strap. 

We expected more steel shot to make the glove heavier especially for smaller sizes. Overall quality is good but there is plenty of room for improvements in workmanship.

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  • It is durable and comfortable. 
  • It features a Double-layered goatskin palm. 
  • It provides extra protection with Finger and Knuckle foam padding. 
  • It provides greater dexterity. 
  • It provides freedom of movement. 


  • It doesn’t provide cut resistance, not useful for sub-freezing weather. 

#3 Glove Station The Combat Military Police Rubber Knuckle Gloves

Here is one of the best sap gloves. This Glove Station The Combat Military Police Rubber Knuckle Gloves is very effective and affordable. These gloves are equipped with reinforced knuckle molding to maximise protection during operation. 

Protective and professional 

These polyester-made gloves are perfect for street fighting, self-defence and are equipped with strong steel shots. They’re professional and can provide you with maximum protection from cuts and abrasions.

Only the middle and index finger is made touch screen friendly.

Durable and Comfortable 

Polyurethane leather is used on the palm and fingertips to enhance the grip and work smoothly. The padded mesh, rubber aero vents just above the knuckle are present for breathing to keep inside cool. 

They are water-resistant as well up to a certain extent.  

Promotes easy washing and maintenance 

Unlike other poor quality sap gloves, these gloves can be washed easily with water. Also, they are not required to be washed very frequently due dust resistant fabric. 

What we didn’t like:

Although the company claims the fingertips to be touchscreen-friendly, in our test, we found it to show inconsistent and poor performance. You need a stylus to regularly use a touchscreen device. 

Another flaw is it is water-resistant up to a certain extent. If you do a task that can make your hand wet, I don’t recommend it.

Perfect only for light use or applications and these gloves a great, anything heavy you might want to reconsider. Not for regular heavy-duty jobs. Don’t have a cut-resistant rating so I suggest avoid using it in jobs having a high risk of cutting.

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  • It provides maximum protection. 
  • It is waterproof. 
  • It can be washed easily. 
  • It is designed with pure leather. 
  • It is very comfortable and stylish.


  • These gloves don’t have a cut-resistant rating. 

#4 TitanOPS Fingerless Hard Knuckle  – Fingerless sap gloves

Designed by professionals, here is super classy and elegant TitanOPS Fingerless sap gloves with hard knuckles. It consists of exciting features and professional characteristics. 

High-quality comfortable gloves

Microfiber, leather lycra or spandex, nylon materials are used to build these quality sap gloves which makes them very comfortable and durable. It keeps hands warm but also breathable. This is what makes these gloves count among the highly qualified sap gloves. 

Spectacular Functions 

The gloves feature a reinforced palm along with an adjustable wrist strap. Microfiber leather on the palm increases more friction for better grip during a climbing motorcycling workout. 

This makes the dap gloves very flexible, enhances their grip, and provides warmth in the hands of users.  Since they don’t have coverage over the fingers, you can do normal tasks. 

Protects against abrasion, cuts and injuries 

These gloves are stiff and hard shells. This makes it very strong to hit the opponent by getting your hand injured. You can use these gloves professionally without any stress of abrasions, cuts and other injuries. 

What we didn’t like:

They were a snug fit at first. The inside of the gloves doesn’t feel good after long hours of putting them on. It leaves indentations on the hand. There are no joint protectors. The knuckle guard is not rigid hard plastic.  

So, putting padding inside will solve the issue. Besides, velcro is poorly attached with the glove, sewing it may solve the issue of loosening.

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  • It is made up of good and high-quality fabric. 
  • It provides complete protection to your hands. 
  • It is water-resistant or waterproof. 
  • It keeps the temperature of your palm very Normal and comfortable. 
  • It requires very little washing time.


  • These have stiff knuckle guard molds but not rigid hard plastic.
  • Velcro is poorly attached.

#5 ILM Steel Knuckle Tactical Gloves – Steel Shot Knockout Gloves

Choose to buy ILM Steel Knuckle Tactical Gloves which are protective, comfortable and fashionable. It would give full protection to your hands from getting injured during knockouts.

Special protection features

These gloves are made up of professional alloy steel protection parts in the knuckle. They are made up of injection molding which is yet again very strong and tough. It would give you maximum protection for the joints. Moreover, the finger joints are made with anti-collision protection.

The outer part of the hand is designed using a large area of U type protection, the arch-shape is in accordance with the back of the hand.

Breathable Gloves

The pure leather material which is being used to design these gloves is very breathable and comfortable. This product is suitable for the temperature 5 degrees above freezing. 

Capable of Touchscreen 

The forefinger of these gloves has touchscreen capability. It is best suitable for motorbike riding. It can also be used for close hand to hand combat, self defence or vigilante type works. It will protect your hands from all kinds of injuries during various functional actions.

 What we didn’t like:

The gloves have an excessive amount of fabric at the fingertip parts which may cause discomfort & rubbing. On the palm side, the anti-skid lines are made of thin polyester which may come off the glove after rigorous uses. The palm side is not cut proof. Inside the knuckle, there must be some kind of padding to make it more comfortable. The glove should be more breathable than the manufacturer claims.

See what others are talking about this glove.


  • It provides arch-shape protection. 
  • It features anti-collision protectors. 
  • It consists of an anti-slip function. 
  • Gloves are highly durable. 
  • It is made up of pure leather.


  • The gloves have oversized inward facing seams. 
  • Not winterproof, suitable for temperature above 5 degrees above freeze.

How to buy the best sap Gloves?

Buyers often get confused while buying a pair of sap gloves. This is because they are not known of the features and characteristics that are must to be looked upon while buying a pair of sap gloves. 

So if you are one of those people who are looking forward to buying a pair of gloves to make your long sporty hours less tiring and painful, but unaware of the features that are to be considered while buying a pair of gloves, then here is the solution. 

We have come up with a list of most important features that are must to be considered by every buyer. The best sap gloves must consist of the following mentioned features:


There is no doubt that buying a pair of sap gloves is a costly affair. Therefore, a worker must be sure that he is making an investment and should buy a pair of sap gloves which are strong, durable and long lasting. 

In most of the cases, SAP gloves made with cowhide or goatskin leather are found to last longer. 

Strong and comfortable 

A pair of uncomfortable sap gloves can cause pain to the worker’s hands and abrasions as well. Therefore, wherever you go to buy sap gloves, make sure they are comfortable and easy to break in. Do not compromise with the comfort level as it can cause harm to your hands. 

Size and fitting

The next important feature of the right pair of knuckle gloves is to be of perfect size. Yes, make sure that the gloves you are buying are perfect for your hand size and are perfectly fit. This is important because the wrong size might give discomfort to you while playing and often lead to injuries and cuts. 

So above are some of the features that every buyer of sap gloves must consider. If you are sure that these features are present in the gloves you’re buying, then you will surely end up buying the perfect best sap gloves with enough durability, comfort and style. 

Stuffed knuckle guard 

The knuckle cover or guard stuffed with lead, steel or other heavy material shots distinguish sap gloves from other categories. Heavier the metal shots a knuckle have more impactful it is for self-defence. Many of such gloves come with knuckle guard made of hard plastic, high-quality rubber or meshed hard fabric. 

Depending on your requirements, choose wisely. 


How durable sap gloves are?

Sap gloves are generally long-lasting. Their durability depends upon the quality of fabric they’re made up of. 

How to wash sap gloves?

Sap gloves are easy to wash. All you need to do is to put them in warm water with a little cleaning agent and wash them like your regular clothes.

What does sap gloves stand for?

Sap gloves, also known as Weighted-knuckle gloves are a type of gloves that are being used as a self-defence weapon in various hand to hand or close combat.

Are sap gloves legal in California?

No, sap gloves are not legal in California as they are considered weapons.

Do hard knuckle gloves work?

Yes, hard knuckle gloves work very efficiently whenever hand protection is required.

Are brass knuckles good for self-defence?

Brass knuckles can cause more injury to your opponent but you use this in bare hand which pose threats to a hand injury.

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