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Best gloves for shoveling snow that are warm & durable

Shoveling huge layers of snow for hours without proper protection can negatively affect your health. We reviewed the 4 best gloves for shoveling snow.

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The chilly season is here! But, it also means adding something extra to your chores list! Yes, you are right. We are talking about shoveling snow. You probably are frowning right now, thinking about how you need to rush out with a shovel to keep your pavements clean. Well, what many misses is the health hazards of shoveling snow. Shoveling huge layers of snow for hours without proper protection can negatively affect your health.

In addition, snow shoveling can also be strenuous for your body and heart. Most people complain about how it influences their backs. Our muscles during the colder seasons are often tight, making them vulnerable to injuries. ( Learn more about health hazards associated with shoveling snow )

In this article we reviewed the top 4 gloves that are suitable for snow shoveling.

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Our Top 3 Picks

#1 Carhartt men’s Cold Snap Insulated Work Glove

  • Made with polyester, poly tex, and a softshell with goatskin fingers
  • Waterproof, breathable technology which keeps water away
  • FastDry technology does not let sweat accumulation

#2 Hikenture 3M Thinsulate Waterproof Insulated Snow Gloves

  • Engineered to provide 5 layered protection
  • Keeps your hands warm in temperatures as low as 20 F (-10 C)
  • Touchscreen-friendly

#3 RIVMOUNT Winter Waterproof Thermal Gloves

  • Made from docron and spandex fibre material
  • Sturdy and have a huge resistance to abrasion
  • Comprises of Windproof waterproof composite outshell

#1 Carhartt men’s Cold Snap Insulated Work Glove

Carhartt men’s Cold Snap Insulated Work Glove

The Carhartt men’s Cold Snap Insulated Work Glove is the best gloves for shoveling snow on our list. Why? Well, made with 100% polyester, polytex, and a softshell with goatskin fingers, these shovel gloves are specially designed for thumb.

Storm Defender waterproof, breathable technology which keeps water away from your fingers. However, it also does not let sweat accumulate and comes with FastDry technology.

This amazing product is the epitome of comfort. Yes! This product is designed with an adjustable wrist strap with a cord cinch closure. Moreover, these snow shoveling gloves come with an index finger and thumb saddle along with a Gauntlet-length cuff.

In addition, these gloves might feel a bit tight at first, however, it gets adjusted with time if you choose the correct size. Moreover, the grip is fantastic and surely contributes to improving dexterity.

Apart from being sturdy and a product for the long-term, these gloves can keep you warm even in sub-freezing conditions and are windproof as well. It can even withstand 45 mph (ca. 72 km/h) winds and 0 temperatures and still maintain warmth.

What we didn’t like:

These gloves, although seem to be waterproof, surely fail to keep the water out. However, it keeps your hands dry. The thumbs are colder, which might not be ideal in colder weather. In

In addition, these gloves could use a bit more insulation and more texture for gripping. If you have arthritis, this glove might seem very thick and might not be your best bet in this case.

#2 Hikenture 3M Thinsulate Waterproof Insulated Snow Gloves for Men Women

Designed in all four sizes S, M, L, and XL, the Hikenture 3M Thinsulate Waterproof Insulated Snow Gloves for Men and Women is one of the best gloves for shoveling that you could ever find. The product is engineered to provide 5 layered protection. With 3M Thinsulate insulation underneath, the outer cover is made of comfortable and waterproof nylon. Moreover, the nylon outer layer protects your hands from almost everything. Be it cold water, snow, rain, and wind, they keep your hands warm and even stand the test of time. Not all gloves are designed to withstand freezing temperatures. But, this one surely is! These gloves can keep your hands warm in temperatures as low as 20° F (-10C).

The durable 2 mm membrane makes it water-resistant, along with a special thermal fleece lining making it suitable not only for shoveling but any sort of snow sports. Owing to its ambidextrous features, we can surely say that buying this product is an all-rounder!

Wearing gloves while shoveling snow is important, but what if the phone keeps on ringing? Well, this product comes with a conductive microfiber, making it touchscreen-friendly. Apart from that, it also consists of non-slip PU leather, which allows you to have a strong grip.

What we didn’t like:

Though windproof, this product is not completely waterproof. Besides, they are heavier than other shoveling gloves out there. They are unable to keep us warm on days when the temperature hits below 20 F.

#3 RIVMOUNT Winter Waterproof Thermal Gloves for Men Women

The RIVMOUNT Winter Waterproof Thermal Gloves for Men and Women is the perfect example of when fashion meets comfort. Be it women’s or men’s winter wardrobe, these gloves are a must-buy.

Available in multiple colors and sizes, this product is designed for multiple purposes. Made from docron and spandex, they are sturdy and have a huge resistance to abrasion. This means that these gloves are a perfect fit for shoveling along with other activities such as skiing, etc.

The gloves come with an extra-soft fleece lining which contributes to its extra thickness. This makes the product much warmer and is an excellent combination of dexterity and warmth. The multi-layer technology brings the best-features jam-packed into these gloves.

It comprises of Windproof waterproof composite outshell, Thinsulate cotton for warmth, and a thermal fleece lining that ensures insulation along with the promise to keep your hands dry. The three-layer lining is placed at a low profile which doesn’t interfere with your activities.

In addition, these gloves are designed with elastic knitting cuffs that enable a better fit and prevent the cold air to enter.

What we didn’t like:

The finger paddings are not hard which makes it difficult to handle anything small. This might not be the ideal pair for teenagers since the temperature will not be sufficient for them and would have to move their hands a lot to keep the circulation in check.

#4 FanVince Winter Touch Screen Water-Resistant Gloves

Gloves are an important accessory during the winter season, especially while shoveling snow on the pavements. However, most gloves are not touch-screen friendly making it difficult to navigate around electronics.

The FanVince Winter Touch Screen Water-Resistant Gloves come with the Unique and Sensitive touchscreen Fingers Capability that enables operate touch screen devices even when they are covered with screen protectors.

Made with a Windproof and thin polyester shell, this product is also lined with soft and TR Insulation items that contribute to better elasticity and warmth.

Moreover, they have a waterproof membrane positioned in between the polyester shell and warm fleece that keeps the water out and your hands dry.

Owing to these features, these gloves can be used in various activities apart from shoveling snow. The best part of this product is that they offer a refund policy and a warranty that promises great performance.

What we didn’t like:

These gloves seem to be bulky and the stitching makes them harder to navigate. Moreover, it also has some sizing issues. Apart from that, they are not completely waterproof and get soaked easily.

How to find the best snow shoveling gloves?

shoveling with shoes

Looking for the best gloves for shoveling snow is not an easy one. We understand that not every product is the right one for you. Choosing your perfect pair depends on how severe the weather becomes in the chilly season.

Besides, before jumping to conclusions, you should always make sure to do your research. Why? Well, each product comes with a different design, and usually serves a specific purpose. Keeping all the aspects in mind, here are some of the factors you should be aware of while buying the perfect pair of snow shoveling gloves for you!

1. Insulation

The main purpose of an ideal glove is to provide insulation. Various gloves have different insulation depending on the weather conditions in an area. This is why it is extremely essential to check the insulation or the warmth of the gloves before purchasing. In addition, choosing a low insulation product will result in chilly hands, discomfort, etc.

2. Material Used

The quality of gloves depends on the materials. However, that might not be the case every time. It may vary in the case of temperature intensities, geography, etc. In areas with more humid winters, picking shovel gloves with a waterproof shell lining is the best choice. Similarly, in areas with dry winters, picking gloves with the best thermal capacity or insulation seems more practical.

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3. Durability

Durability should be the priority while picking shoveling gloves. Shoveling snow is a strenuous activity, which means your gloves will be subjected to daily wear and tear. Buying a new pair now and then will cost you a fortune! Don’t you agree? This is why picking your shoveling gloves based on sturdy material and design might be a bit expensive, however, it comes with a warranty and surely stands the test of time.

4. Water-Resistant

As said earlier, areas with more humid winters require waterproof gloves. Imagine cleaning the frost from your car windows and getting your hands wet? Not a pleasurable chore, I suppose. However, we would recommend looking for waterproof options in any winter condition to stay safe, and warm and carry out all the waterproof work without a hassle.

5. Size

Size matters while shopping for gloves. Ideal shoveling gloves should be a snug fit. If it feels loose or tight, well, that is not the right one for you. In addition, you can also look for longer gloves that can cover your wrist as well. Longer sizes can help you withstand chilly winds which can bring discomfort and make you feel cold.

6. Mobility

Buying a pair of gloves should not only mean keeping you warm. While size, material, etc matters, you should also make sure you have enough mobility to do the work. Since snow shoveling demands a lot of effort, loose-fitting gloves may result in a weak grip and can even cause injuries. On the contrary, choosing tight gloves can also restrict your movements resulting in a sprain, etc.

7. Breathability

Comfort is an important factor while shopping for shoveling gloves. Hence, choosing a material that is breathable and keeps your hands warm and dry while you shovel the snow away is crucial. In addition, you should avoid picking tight-fitting gloves as they restrict circulation and cause injuries, etc during shoveling.

8. Style

It is no crime to keep up with the times. As you would like to refresh your wardrobe, why not pick out a trendy pair of shoveling gloves? Yes, style is an important factor while shopping for shoveling gloves. You can get a variety of options including casual and formal wear. Most shoveling gloves are multipurpose and hence, can be useful for various occasions. So, it is usually recommended to keep your alternative pairs ready for any circumstances.

Do I need to use a waterproofing agent on gloves?

Although there are a lot of different snow shoveling gloves available, their features may vary. Given the climatic situations in your area and your needs, you can easily choose the perfect pair of gloves for you. If you’re wondering whether you should add a waterproofing agent, well the answer is yes! In areas with humid winters, you can consider applying a waterproofing agent to your gloves to keep them dry. However, you should always look for waterproof lining while purchasing shoveling gloves.

What are the warmest gloves for shoveling snow?

Every pair of gloves are different from one another. While some can withstand moderate cool temperatures, others can withstand the extremes. But which type of glove is the warmest? Well, the answer lies in its material. Choosing materials that offer insulation is often the ideal one. Unlike cotton, wool, acrylic, polyester, and nylon are some of the best and warmest choices for shoveling gloves.

How do you keep your hands warm when shoveling?

Winters and chilly hands are the perfect ensembles. Well, not for us! This can be quite distracting and painful in such frigid temperatures. Besides, there are a lot of easy ways to keep your hands warm while shoveling snow. Make sure to choose warm gloves and keep your hands dry in freezing conditions. Moreover, do not neglect your core. You can maintain your core warmth by layering clothes. Tried all of this? Well, here are some of the best tips to keep your hands warm while sleeping!

1.   No cotton

If you think wearing cotton during the winters will provide you with comfort, well think again! Cotton absorbs water which depletes its insulation capabilities. Moreover, cotton gloves do not trap heat, making them useless during frigid temperatures.

2.   Try glove liners

Glove liners are your holy grail! But what are they? They are known as inner gloves and provide you with extra warmth. However, make no mistake that these liners are not used in hospitals and are made of fleece lining making them perfect for the cold evenings. Moreover, they fit well with the gloves and do not affect your finger movements, and can even be used for activities such as running, jogging, etc.

3.   Rechargeable USB battery hand warmers

Hand warmers are revolutionary for people who have chilly hands or feet. However, this is not a modern technique. The old product was heavy and even ran out easily. But, with USB chargers, the battery is long-lasting, and the overall product seems to be durable as well. While you can use it to warm your hands, make sure to keep it away from the water.

Why are my hands still cold in gloves?

There could be a lot of reasons why your hands still feel cold even when you are wearing gloves. If your gloves fit too tightly, the circulation to your fingers may be restricted, hence making them cold.

Other obvious reasons include poor insulation. If your gloves do not trap heat inside well, your hands are vulnerable to the cold air, hence making your hands cold even while wearing gloves or mittens.

If this is a common occurrence, there could be chances of Raynaud’s disease/phenomena. It is a medical condition where the blood vessels spasm when exposed to freezing weather. This decreases blood circulation and in extreme situations the colour changes to blue or white.

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What should you not do after shoveling snow?

Huge piles of snow might be exciting for skiers and snowboarders, or even your pet dog! However, when it comes to pavements, well, that can be frustrating. But, there seems to be no other way than to pick up a shovel. Shoveling is risky and can negatively affect your heart. To keep yourself safe and your driveways clean, here are some ground rules that you should follow after shoveling snow:

  • Take your time. Make sure to take frequent breaks while shoveling snow. In addition, do not rush into other heavy chores right after shoveling snow. If you have a heart condition already, it is advisable to ask for help instead.
  • Shoveling elevates your blood pressure which can result in a heart attack. Hence, consider lifting smaller amounts of snow to keep your body relaxed. However, you can also use a snowblower to clean the snow without a hassle.
  • Avoid a heavy meal before or after shoveling snow since it can put a strain on your heart health.
  • Alcohol increases warmth in our bodies. As a result, drinking alcohol before or after shoveling can not only be dangerous but also affect your heart.
  • Prevention is better than cure! Before you start picking snow, have a clear understanding of the symptoms of cardiac arrest. If you or someone close to you experiences certain discomfort, chest pain, shortness of breath, or both, call emergency services immediately.
  • Before you head out, make sure to wear warm clothing gloves, etc to keep yourselves warm and prevent hypothermia.
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